10 Hints on Garlic Everyone Should Know


Garlic is often used in cooking. But not only. It is also used in various health preparations. We know it, but do we really know how to use it in all its specificities? Here are 10 must-know tips, advice, and tricks around garlic that all garlic eaters should know. Watch:

1. To vary the intensity of the taste

You may not like the strong taste of garlic, so you may want to tone it down. Or do you like it intense?
– If you like it strong, crush it with the blade of your knife and pound it with a little salt.
-with a little salt. And, of course, eat it raw, it will be even stronger.
– If you prefer it mild, use minced garlic. Did you know that it is available in the frozen food section ready to use?
– For a light taste, simply place a few whole cloves in the dish while it is simmering, then remove them just before serving.
– For a sweet and savory dish, cut it into strips for a lighter flavor.
– To take away some of the flavors, you can soak it in cold water for several minutes before use.

2. To facilitate digestion

The germ of garlic, that green part in the middle, is responsible for garlic’s poor digestion and bitter taste. Remember to remove it when cooking (except when using the whole clove to flavor a dish, of course).

3. To make peeling easier

Not always easy to peel garlic? Here’s a tip to make it easier: simply soak your cloves for 10 minutes in warm water, and voilà!
If you want to tone down the taste of the garlic, extend the soak to 60 or 90 minutes.

4. To make your fries taste better

Did you know that garlic makes fries taste better? Dip a few cloves of garlic into the oil in your deep fryer. Make your fries as usual, then discard the cooked cloves.

5. To make garlic puree

A garlic press is a very handy tool for making garlic puree. If you don’t have one, you can find one here. There is also the garlic masher solution, which you can buy here. Or the How to Save tip: the fork. Click here to see the tip.

6. To enjoy all its benefits

Cooking also affects the digestion of garlic and, more importantly, its “toxicity”. To keep all its benefits and not make it toxic, be careful not to burn it. For example, it gives a delicious taste to vegetables by cooking them with olive oil. That way it doesn’t stick. And don’t forget to stir it regularly so that it doesn’t burn.

7. To flavor your meats

This is an absolutely perfect way to cook the garlic. It releases all of its flavors in a very gentle way. Simply separate the cloves and add them to your meat preparations (legs, roasts, chickens) with their skin, accompanied by a little water.

8. To remove stubborn odors

Yes, garlic is good, it’s even good for your health, but… it smells! You have to admit it. Here are a few tips to reduce the smell:
– Water and steel, nothing like it to remove the smell
on your hands.
– Or coffee grounds.
– Or, last but not least, toothpaste!
– To clean the cutting board, use baking soda and
bicarbonate and salt.
– To wash your knife, use cold water, not hot.

9. To lightly flavor your dishes

To give a really discreet garlic taste to your meals, rub your oven dishes or salad bowls with a clove of garlic cut in 2.

10. To enjoy the head of garlic

Garlic heads are a delight to eat with a spoon.
Cut the head (which contains several cloves) horizontally in half. In an ovenproof dish, place the cut halves upwards. Add a drizzle of olive oil on the half-heads and a little broth at the bottom of the oven. Heat for 45 minutes in a medium oven (180°), basting from time to time with the broth. To avoid drying out, you can place aluminum foil on your garlic halves halfway through the cooking time. This garlic is simply eaten melting, with a spoon. Serve these half-heads with your salads and legs of lamb. You now know all the culinary uses for garlic. But garlic has many other assets… Notably to scare away insects like flies!

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