10 Inspirations for a Natural Christmas Table


πŸ””Fir branches, pine cones, wooden logs, wooden candle holders and other natural elements will enhance the Christmas table. For a green and therefore eco-responsible decoration, here are some inspiring images where nature invites itself to the πŸ””Christmas table with wisdom.

For several Christmases now, nature has been invited to the festive table as an unavoidable guest. For the Christmas Eve dinner as well as the December 25th lunch, it imposes with delicacy its green shades, its voluminous foliage, and its exemplary woods. Composing a festive table with natural elements has thus become a common practice to surprise one’s guests as well as to respond to a growing concern for eco-responsibility that knows no truce, and this even during the end-of-year festivities!

10/10. How to make a beautiful natural table for Christmas?

TheπŸ”” Christmas table with natural accents displays its incredible richness from many angles. Discreet by favoring a few branches of fir as a table runner or a few logs of wood as a trivet, it can appear more festive by distilling wooden candle holders, small branches of holly slipped into napkin rings, and a string of pine cones or moss here and there to bring volume and consistency to a too wise table.

Who said that the natural table could not be combined with a certain sense of celebration? This Christmas table imagined by the fashionable boutique De Bon GoΓ»t shows a certain talent to prove us wrong. It mixes with elegance and balanced natural elements: rope placemats, antique tableware, improvised table runner with eucalyptus leaves, and small disco spirit decoration balls. A successful table decoration and, the icing on the cake, eco-responsible!

09/10. A Christmas table with a natural holly table runner

TheπŸ”” festive table with natural accents knows how to play the exemplary sobriety when it associates beautiful black ceramic plates as here and a table runner based on a holly leaf, a Christmas plant par excellence alongside the inimitable eucalyptus. To sublimate the atmosphere, long and minimalist candlesticks complete this Scandinavian ambiance for a minimalist holiday.

08/10 A natural Christmas table with hints of green

A color that symbolizes nature par excellence, green can be brought to the ChristmasπŸ”” table to inject a natural and subtle reminder. If the total look is obviously to be banished, it is possible to give the table a few touches of a trendy green, such as sage green, by playing with the color of the candle holders, the napkins, and why not some dishes. Note that green works particularly well with a shade with strong festive potential: gold. We associate these two without hesitation!

07/10 A natural Christmas table with small trees

If you’re thinking big for Christmas πŸ””and you have a large, long table for the festivities, you can imagine several small, snow-covered trees to punctuate the table and inject a dose of nature. Small trees delicately placed and highlighted on wooden logs, to be totally in the theme!

06/10 A Christmas table with a very natural suspension

When space permits, it’s not only the ChristmasπŸ”” table that can be decorated with a 100% natural dΓ©cor, but the entire dining room! A Christmas tree placed near the table without disturbing the guests too much, however, a monumental suspension with branches, light garland, and foliage to sublimate the decor and small branches of fir as a reminder as a centerpiece and the table will be perfect to dazzle the guests!

05/10 A natural Christmas table with fir branches

To bring a touch of nature to the table, the fir branch is a quality ally that you will inevitably have at home. On ChristmasπŸ”” Eve, take a few discreet branches from your Christmas tree and slip them into your guests’ napkin rings, for example, or place them in the middle of the plate to bring the star of Christmas to the table!

04/10 A Christmas table with pine cones and wooden candle holders

If pine cones and other details gleaned from nature are welcome at the table to create a natural and wintry atmosphere, tableware with natural patterns such as table runners or napkins can also suggest this hymn to nature on the holiday table. Wooden cups and candleholders also have their role to play to perfect the table and give rhythm to the decor!

03/10 A natural Christmas table with a linen tablecloth

The naturally green ChristmasπŸ”” table doesn’t necessarily have to have a green color palette. On the contrary, it can look great in white with a beautiful linen tablecloth and a simple table runner improvised from a singular and charming mix of fir branches and eucalyptus leaves. We like the glittering side suggested by the golden cutlery. Always a sense of celebration and detail!

02/10 A Christmas table with natural decorative elements

Foliage and pine cones can be placed on the table, but they can also be hung above the festive table for a magical dΓ©cor that is out of the ordinary. On an existing lighted suspension or on a decorative suspension created for the occasion, nature takes full possession of the room and awakens the space to surprise all guests! However, make sure that the installation is well-fixed to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day.

01/10 A Christmas table with wooden logs and small paper trees

For ChristmasπŸ””, the table in search of nature must multiply the arguments in its favor and multiply not only details gleaned from nature but also materials that are unique to it. Wooden logs as trivets, small paper trees for a more decorative touch, and small gift packages made with love so as not to invest in new small decorations in the store. And if all these pretty details are set on a beautiful wooden table, surrounded by wooden chairs, the result will be even more effective!

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