10 Small Gifts of Table to Offer to Your Guests on Christmas Eve.


A mini candle, a personalized card, or a notebook, here’s an overview of the little decorative touches to place near the plate on Christmas Eve.

Small decorative gifts to finalize the festive table
It’s obvious, the decoration of the Christmas table is as important as the food that will be served on the big day. Between the tablecloth, the tableware, the centerpiece, the table runner, and the small decoration, seeing this list that goes on and on, it’s not impossible to get dizzy! But if you take a closer look, the end-of-the-year celebrations are nothing more or less than an opportunity to gather your loved ones around a good meal. All this, of course, tinged with good humor and joy. To guarantee this effect, we sprinkle the table with some surprises to delight the guests.
The perfect table gifts to surprise your guests
There’s no need to be extravagant and ostentatious to please your guests.

Discover 10 table gifts to pamper your guests on Christmas Eve.

10/10 A pretty notebook as a plate gift, Zara Home

Bougie parfumée cadeau

Inspirational Brother Definition Leather Journal Notebook Travel Journal Embossed Writing – Brother Gift for Birthday Graduation Christmas.

9/10 A scented candle as a Christmas gift, Ferm Living

Bougie parfumée cadeau

Christmas Gifts for Sister Women- Sister Birthday Gifts from Sister- Gifts for Big Sister, Little Sister, Sister in Law, Friends- Funny Gifts- Thanksgiving Gifts Gardenia Scented Candles.

8/10 An original Christmas hanging to offer, Houses of the World

Suspension de Noël cloche en verre avec panthère et singe dorés, noirs et violets

Glass bell Christmas hanging with golden, black, and purple panther and monkey

  • 🔔 Shabby Chic Rustic Style Vintage Lucky Harmony Cow Bells Wall Hanging Bells.🎄
  • 🔔 The golden color is actually a covering of brass. These bells are then baked in fire giving them their unique shades of brown rustic color.🎄
  • 🔔 These cowbells have been purposely given a very rough look. Each bell has been individually handmade, hence small variations are possible. Made from recycled iron sheets. Metal with a worn paint finish.🎄
  • 🔔 Can be used for various purposes- to make Christmas wreaths, wind chimes, and wedding decorations.🎄

7/10 A copper photophore as a plate gift, Sostrene Grene

Un photophore cuivré en guise de cadeau d'assiette

A light in the darkness
“There is nothing more wonderful and captivating than twinkling lights shining in the dark,” Clara says with a smile.

6/10. A star-shaped name tag as a Christmas table gift

Material: Rustic place card holders are made of real dry wood in the shape of a small tree stump with an outer covering of bark and lightly sanded on top. A slot is cut in the middle of the stump to hold a place card. The place cards are made of thick 92lb (250g) kraft paper with a matte surface, easy to write on without worrying about spilling ink. The card holders are sturdy and heavy, able to withstand the medium wind without falling over.

5/10. A small decoration as a table gift

Une petite décoration en guise de cadeau de table

Why choose a porcelain decoration?
Porcelain is elegant and sober
The care taken in the manufacture of porcelain objects gives them unparalleled elegance. Look at the beauty of porcelain plates when you entertain guests at our dining tables. The same is true for these decorative objects. Especially when they receive touches of color, and designs through the talents of craftsmen. They are beautiful and pleasant to look at. The other advantage of these objects is that they keep their value over the years because porcelain is timeless.

4/10. A candlestick as a Christmas gift

Adding a designer candle holder to the dining room table or putting some white candles on the coffee table in the living room is a simple, yet successful decorative approach. Let’s see which candle holder to choose for which design and decoration style!

3/10. A small cactus as a plate gift

  • Air-purifying. Plants help filter harmful pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde, from indoor air.
  • These houseplants have a bold texture that works particularly well with modern and contemporary decorating schemes.

2/10 A pack of 6 crackers, Habitat

10 packs of non-clipping, red, deluxe snowflake design Christmas ornaments for kids and adults for Christmas parties, dinners, and vacations.

1/10. Pretty greeting cards as a Christmas table gift, Anthropology

inside Sentiment: Hope the holidays bring joy and happiness to your home and loved ones.

All cards are different, all cards have different pictures outside, and all cards have a vintage pattern and space for writings inside. Please click on the main photo to see a detailed list of pictures and actual photos of cards

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