14 Dressing Rules Everyone Should Know (To Avoid Being A Disaster)


“If a lady is improperly dressed, her dress is noticed…” “But if she is perfectly dressed, it is she who is noticed.” And as she was right! Indeed, the clothes we wear play a major role in the image we give. The proof, the least small defect of clothing, jumps to the eyes. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, or even a work meeting… First impressions play a major role when you meet someone for the first time! Fortunately, there are some easy-to-follow dress rules for both ladies and gentlemen. They allow you to dress well in all circumstances, including in the workplace.

Here are 14 dress codes to know to make a good impression. Watch:

1. The buttons of the jacket

The length of your blazer jacket is also very important. Your jacket should fall between the middle and bottom of your buttocks, but no lower, no higher! This is a jacket that can be worn fairly short, unlike other men’s jackets or suit jackets. It is not a formal jacket as you might think.
The middle button of your jacket should remain closed. The top button depends on your mood. And the bottom button should never be closed. This is the most popular fashion mode.

2. Shirt style

To bring pep and energize your back-to-school outfits, choose colorful blouses and blouses! This fall-winter 2022-2023, the fashion propels red, fuchsia pink, and green, but also purple as the top-of-the-trend colors!
The overshirt is the trend of the moment. It is perfect for a mid-season look. It’s very simple, just wear your shirt open. A crop top with high-waisted jeans, an open shirt, and sneakers are very popular outfits for the young.

If you wear a shirt or blouse, never unbutton more than 2 buttons. You can still do it in the summer, but the top ones.

3. Wear jewelry

A lady can very well wear only one, or several jewels. However, in the second case, it’s necessary to comply with some rules to be fashionable. In terms of jewelry, the current trend is to mismatch. Avoid sets where all the jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet) is the same style.
As an example, wearing jewelry with the same stones or gold color is a good idea. Wearing jewelry with no connection to each other can detract from the harmony of your outfit.
In addition, avoiding wearing yellow gold and white gold at the same time is a good idea. Choose the same material for all your jewelry.

Never wear too much jewelry. For example earrings + 3 bracelets and 2 necklaces that go with 2 rings

4. Wearing a tie

Indeed, the tie must stop at the level of the belt. More precisely, we will stop it at the level of the button on our pants. In fact, the tie should never go beyond our belt. Conversely, if it reaches the level of our navel, it is too short or badly knotted!

The tip of your tie should reach your belt and barely exceed the buckle.

Attention No need for a tie if you don’t wear a jacket

5. Type and fashion of mini skirt

Tricks and tips that will help you avoid vulgarity every time with a miniskirt:

  • Wear opaque tights.
  • Opt for flat shoes or, failing that.
  • Medium and/or thick heels.
  • Pair your mini skirt with a casual top such as a sweater or an XXL sweater.
  • Add a long knitted cardigan to your look.
  • Pair with a smart or casual jacket, depending on your
    style (blazer, denim jacket, military jacket…).
    military jacket…)