24 Great Low Cost Halloween Decorating Ideas


Looking for Halloween decoration ideas?
Cheap and easy to make decorations?
We have selected for you the best ideas to decorate your home from floor to ceiling. Whether it is with pumpkins, vampires, or spiders… You’re guaranteed to have a haunted house with these Halloween decorating tips.

24. This is a pretty DIY Halloween decoration. Add candy bowls in the shape of spider webs on the table.

Check it out:

1. Spider webs on furniture

Celebrate Halloween the right way with a beautiful (and scary) interior decoration! To fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere, don’t forget to place a few spider webs in corners, but also on walls, doors, decorative objects, or others.

2. Embellish your paintings

Add paper accessories to the paintings in your home like this scary pair of glasses.

3. Turn plastic cans into ghosts

Illuminate the driveway of your home with plastic drums in which you put a handmade string of lights.

4. Hang spider webs from the ceiling

Pretend your home hasn’t been lived in for years by hanging cobwebs from the ceiling.

5. Hang a spider in a lanter

Hang a plastic spider inside a lantern. Be careful not to use a lantern with a candle inside. Click here to buy plastic spiders.

6. Dim the lights

One of the best ways to make a room haunted is to use dim lights throughout the house.

7. Add monsters to the windows

Scare your neighbors with homemade cardboard monster heads hanging in the windows.

8. A fireplace filled with pumpkins

A fun way to decorate a fireplace that is no longer in use.

9. Scary busts

Paint little plastic busts and add wide eyes to make them scary and scatter them around the house.

10. A mummy door

Turn your front door into a mummy with simple streamers.

 11. Pumpkins and mice on the stairs

Place real pumpkins on the stairs and mouse stickers.

12. The toilet monster

Use this sticker to create the illusion of a monster getting out of the toilet.

13. A parking lot for witches

Don’t forget to make a witch parking lot and decorate it with brooms and shoes.

14. black roses

Fill the vases with black roses instead of colored roses.

15. Add scary signs

Print or paint scary signs to place around the house.

16. A wooden pallet coffin

Craft a coffin using wooden pallets.

17. Cover a wall with spiders

To make a beautiful Halloween decoration, you can try making them yourself with cardboard by following this tutorial or buy some here.

18. A wreath of black twigs

Spray black paint on a Halloween twig wreath for inexpensive Halloween decor.

19. A witch hat lampshade

Turn an old lampshade into a witch’s hat. A great homemade decoration!

20. Don’t forget the crows

Place faux crows around the house to make your guests feel watched.

21. Change the curtains

One of the easiest ways to change the decor of your home is to add Halloween curtains. Choose your curtains here.

22. Hanging bats

Hang lots of bats from the ceiling to make it look like a bat attack. Click here to buy the decoration.

23. Ominous Terrariums

Turn empty jars into eerie terrariums.

24. A bowl of candy in the shape of a spider

This is a pretty DIY Halloween decoration. Add candy bowls in the shape of spider webs on the table.

There you go, you know how to decorate your house for Halloween 🙂

Your turn…