Christmas Table Decoration Trends


Traditional but pretty, the red and gold Christmas table continues to make us envious of Christmas Eve. We explain to you how to make it a success while modernizing its appearance here and there, in order to avoid mistakes in taste and too much decoration.

The traditional red and gold duo is a must for the end-of-the-year celebrations, and not only in the heart of the tree decoration. For a festive table, it is also a great classic that we like to see again every December 24 at night. For those who consider the red and gold Christmas table outdated, we give you some tips to dust off this classic Christmas table decoration but still be able to dazzle guests with trendy decorating accessories.

Tip #1: Balance red and gold on the table

As a general rule, when it comes to decorating, it’s all about the right balance. The same goes for a festive table, you’ll need to balance your color duo at the table. For example, if you choose a red table runner, scatter brass candlesticks, golden cups, or small stars all along the runner for a guaranteed fairy-tale effect. Conversely, if you prefer white plates with a light golden border, present them on golden placemats and accompany them with brass cutlery to complete the picture.

Tip #2: Choose tableware that will enhance your duo

A red and gold Christmas table does not necessarily mean red and gold tableware. The traditional white dinner plates have their place at the table, you will just have to think of waking them up a bit by the presence of red or gold presentation plates. The color of the latter will depend on the color of your tablecloth, remember that tone on tone, we avoid! Another detail that can have an effect: accompany the wine glasses and transparent champagne flutes with elegant red water glasses. The cherry on the cake: the golden brass cutlery will be of course welcome at the table. With a little bling in everyday life, for the holidays, this trend of brass at the table makes sense.

Tip #3: Pay attention to decorative accessories

Opting for a duo of red and gold at the table means showing some reserve in terms of small decoration. The use of these two strong colors absolutely sumptuous and will require a small decoration cleverly organized and chosen that should not steal the show of the two colors. One or two gold design candle holders, a pretty brass bowl, why not a few singular red and gold Christmas ornaments scattered on the table if the space allows it your red and gold Christmas table will easily be successful. For those who would like to add a few touches of greenery to this glittering table, make sure there is room for two or three small trees to be placed on the red table runner for example.