6 Effective Solutions for Sagging Breasts


With time, the breasts tend to sag. For firmer and more toned breasts, don’t hesitate to exercise them and take care of them with specific products. All our solutions to firm up the breasts.

With age, the breasts change shape and sometimes tend to sag. Don’t panic, this is a normal phenomenon.

However, there are soft solutions – before eventually considering breast surgery – to remedy this.

Muscle up your pectoral muscles

If there are no muscles in the chest, there are some just below. Indeed, the pectoral muscles, which support the breasts, can be (re)muscled.
Doing a series of push-ups every day helps to tighten the chest, as does regular backstroke practice at the pool.

And if you are not very good at push-ups, you can take two tennis balls and place them with your arms slightly bent in front of you, at chest height, and press them against each other. Repeating this little gesture for three minutes every day will give your chest a nice shape.

You can also use dumbbells or small water bottles. To re-muscle the shoulders, but also the pectoral muscles, we take a dumbbell in each hand and we stretch the arms in front of us, then we make small circular movements inwards and outwards. Five minutes a day is enough to tighten the chest.

Treat yourself to a firming massage

We offer ourselves massages based on vegetable oils with firming properties such as macadamia vegetable oil or daisy macerate.

Applied daily to the bust, they restore its elasticity.

Showering with cold water

To prevent our breasts from sagging, we avoid taking showers that are too hot, especially when the jet is directed at our breasts.

It is better to end each shower with a jet of cold water, directly on the chest.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

If you are used to “flattening yourself on the bed” in the evening, you can quickly change this ritual and sleep on your back. Indeed, by flattening your chest against the mattress, you do it a disservice.

Similarly, when you have a large chest and you sleep on your side, the friction of the two breasts increases the risk of deformation.

Protect your breasts from the sun

It’s obvious: apply maximum sun protection to the d├ęcolletage.

Exposure to the sun makes the skin lose its elasticity, and as we want to keep our beautiful chest firm, we protect our breasts from the harmful effects of the sun. Then one puts away the monoï and opts for an index of 50.

Choose a bra with its size

The breasts change, and the size of the chest too. Every year, we review the situation with a lingerie consultant to be sure to choose the right underwear.

And for those of us who think that a bra that is a little narrow allows us to enlarge our breasts, we forget this idea right away. Sure, our plunging neckline looks good today, but in the long run, it makes our breasts look smaller.

So we choose bras that really support us, with wide and resistant straps, underwires, and solid materials. The breast should not be too tight and should not protrude above the cup, below, or to the sides.

A little bulge in the back? It’s still not the right size.