6 Major Challenges International Students Have to Overcome in China


The fact that foreign students face difficulties while studying in China is not new. When students make the decision to study in a leading country such as China, they have to expect to encounter certain challenges like any student.

Some of the challenges that students face are those that are generally faced by all students who decide to study abroad. Here are some of the challenges that international students in China may face, as well as our tips for overcoming them.

Choosing the right university in China

The first challenge a student may face when studying in China is choosing the right university. China is not only one of the most populous countries in the world, but also the most densely populated.

In fact, China has a very large number of universities, which creates some confusion for the student. You will always have to research all of the universities that exist and the majors and programs they offer.

Another way to overcome this difficulty is to check the number of international students accepted by the university (and, of course, whether it offers the subject you want to study). For example, Peking University has a 95% acceptance rate for international students, provided you meet all the admission requirements.

Also, be sure to specify the language of study you are seeking. Some universities may offer programs in English, but others may not. And unless you’re fluent in Mandarin, check to see if the university you’re interested in offers courses in the language you speak.

The language barrier in China

Language is the most common challenge for students who want to study in China or elsewhere. Studying in China will challenge you to learn Chinese. This is one of the most challenging languages in the world. A difficult start!

But, it will allow you to communicate with Chinese students and also talk to Chinese people in daily business.

To overcome the language challenge, be sure to take Chinese language classes. Also, make friends with Chinese students and keep in touch with them. This way, you will develop your language skills.

The culture of China

Culture differs from country to country, as we all know. China has a huge cultural diversity, due to the fact that it has the largest population in the world. This also means the presence of many different cultures.

The advantage of Chinese culture is that it fuses a mixture of many different cultures. It is a wonderful experience, to say the least.

Student Housing

Finding suitable housing is one of the most common challenges for all students. Like all international students, you have to be well-prepared for your university studies in China.

To find suitable housing in China, start by contacting the university where you are enrolled. The admissions office has to take care of all the information, including your housing options.

Choosing the right city

One of the most common questions students have is what is the right city to study in China! This question alone can be a challenge for students. Indeed, each city has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to student life.

The best way to solve this problem is to find a city that meets the cost of education, cost of living, and student life criteria you are looking for. Next, check to see if the city’s higher education institutions offer the degree program you want to study in China.

It is also important to note that the cost of education and living in China is lower than in other countries such as America, Europe, and Australia.

Working while studying

Recently, foreign students are allowed to work while studying in China. This allows them to cover part of their living and study expenses. In general, universities can arrange for students to find part-time jobs. So this is the first place to look if you are considering working while studying in China.

In addition, there are many different scholarships in China that help with full or partial funding. Whether it’s a government scholarship or a privately funded scholarship, you should have enough funds to cover a large portion of your education without worrying about finances.

In addition, Chinese universities always provide guidance to foreign students. So when you face a certain situation, don’t hesitate to ask your university for help or assistance.