8 Christmas Ideas with Tree Branches for an Original Christmas Decoration


What if we used tree branches to create a chic, authentic and clever Christmas decoration? For festive decorations, the tree branch becomes a decorative asset to be used in all simplicity. We prove it to you in 8 ideas!

8/8 The fir branch to create a table runner

table de noel

Revisit the table runner, forget the traditional fabric dedicated to it, or a candle alignment, sometimes too classic or too unoriginal. By cutting a few branches of fir, and lining them up in a falsely neglected way, you get a natural table runner that diffuses a winter smell (if you have opted for a scented tree), immediately establishing the Christmas spirit. To energize the whole and not overload the table decoration, we rhythm the branches with tea lights hosted by transparent candle holders. What to suggest a cozy and warm atmosphere of the end of the year party.

7/8 The fir branch to enhance the plate

branche sapin

The festive table decoration is not the usual table decoration. It must be more refined, and more studied, with the idea of not being forgotten and really making a statement. If you have chosen a Scandinavian Christmas decoration, bet on table accessories in the spirit of nature with pieces of string or a copper ring that replace the traditional napkin ring. To make it more elegant, slip in a tree branch. The result is a decoration with a natural spirit, authentic and full of charm. Are you a fan of white? The fir branch can be the only color of the Christmas table…

6/8 Fir branches as garlands

guirlande branche sapin

The fir branch takes height and hangs easily on a pretty garland of lights to create a kinfolk and enchanting atmosphere. Suspended from lights above the table or as a window decoration, fir branches impose a pure and theatrical decoration at the same time. Surprise your guests and opt for the hanging tree branch!

5/8 The tree branch as a decorative object

branche sapin

No need to be a DIY pro here. Simply cut a few branches of different sizes and arrange them on a candleholder. The result? The tree branch looks like a small decorative object, it takes on an elegant dimension and we discover it from a new angle… To be placed on the table as a table runner or on a piece of furniture such as a console or side table, this revisited candle holder gives a sober and elegant style to Christmas decoration.

4/8 The fir branch is a Christmas tree

branche sapin

You don’t have the space to install a real Christmas tree? Use a fir branch to make it look like a real Christmas tree. To do this, get stylish designer vases that will show them off. If you like minimalist decorations, choose a single vase and a single branch. On the other hand, if you’re into the accumulation trend, have fun lining up several vases that will house several branches. The combination will create a refined movement for a Christmas decoration full of character that alternates between simplicity and sophistication. The best part? Decorate the branch like a real tree, by adding Christmas ornaments for example.

3/8 The tree branch to personalize the festive table

branche sapin

The fir branch gives a little more character to the all-black table decoration. As its mere presence is enough to sublimate the Christmas table decoration, we choose the fine and discreet fir branch with the idea of establishing a delicate and subtle festive decoration. Mixed with white candles, the fir green is sober and resolutely chic to set the tone without overdoing it.

2/8 Several fir branches to make a bouquet

branche sapin

Since it is possible to transform the fir branch into a decorative plant, why not make large bouquets? Well, obviously, this is to be done in case your tree is very bushy so that all the branches cut do not strip it. You also have the possibility to buy some in addition to your tree. To decorate the festive table, bet on the accumulation of some vases that will give the whole look.

1/8 The tree branch as a decorative element

branche sapin

If you’re a big fan of the Scandinavian “less is more” look, this decorating tip will appeal to you. The principle is simple: cut a large branch of fir, and insert it in a transparent vase that will be placed on the table, like a revisited centerpiece. Combining it with another decorative object, a candle or a tray will give it a little more allure. We like the elegance that comes out of this decorating idea, and especially the authenticity that comes out