A Guide To Studying In France In 2023


France is not only the number one tourist destination in the world. It is also the number one destination for Canadian students studying abroad. Fourteen percent of international students choose to study there. Are you wondering why you should study in France? There are many different reasons and we have compiled some of them, not only to help you decide but also to guide you through all the steps of preparing for your study trip to France.

Affordable university education

This is certainly the number one reason why international students choose France as their study destination. Compared to many different universities around the world, such as the United States, French universities offer affordable and inexpensive courses. In addition, the French government offers local and international students benefit programs. These programs allow them to pay almost all of their tuition.

So, before you enroll and check out the requirements for enrollment in French universities, be sure to research all the benefits you are entitled to. And even if you don’t qualify for these benefits, tuition at French universities remains among the lowest in Europe.

Quality higher education and outstanding research opportunities

France has more than 3,500 higher education institutions, both public and private. French higher education institutions are mainly composed of universities and “grandes ├ęcoles”.

The latter are specialized professional schools. Their admission requirements are more competitive and tuition fees are higher. French grandes ├ęcoles offer degrees in engineering, business, political science, and veterinary medicine, to name a few.

Although some French universities offer courses in English, international students studying in French may be required to provide proof of their language skills. In general, to study in France, you have to provide the results of your DALF/DELF test if French is not your native language.

Low cost of transportation, housing, and general cost of living

If you study at a public university in France, the French government covers a large part of your tuition. This is the case even for foreign students. However, you will still have to pay the student visa application fee, airfare, books, and living expenses. You may also have to pay for a French language test. The third reason you should study in France is that the basic costs that students have to cover are also affordable.

In fact, students in France also receive a housing allowance if they have little or no financial means. This allowance, along with any discounts you may be entitled to, helps to significantly reduce the cost of living for students in France. You can read more about this in our guide on how to find student housing in France, as well as in our article on the cost of living.

Scholarships and financial aid for international students

France is one of the most recommended countries for international students to study. Another key reason why you should study in France is the financial aid that international students can get.

By choosing to study at a public university, you can be exempted from a large portion of the tuition fees. However, you can also apply for a scholarship in France to fund your studies. Find out the requirements and eligibility criteria for one of the best scholarships for international students in the country.

These scholarships are also the best way to cover the costs of higher education in France. They also help pay for medical school in France, which is as expensive as anywhere else in the world.

Career opportunities after graduation in France

The final reason to study in France is the opportunity to stay there after graduation. For many different students studying abroad, it is not always easy to apply for a residence permit or work visa in the country after their studies. This is not the case in France. In fact, anyone studying full-time in the country is allowed to apply for a one-year work permit.

Finally, since foreign students are allowed to work part-time in France, you can take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the customs, culture, and traditions of French society.


Now that we have covered all the reasons why you should choose to study in France, the next step is to prepare for your trip to the country. If you are a non-EU citizen, we recommend that you do this well in advance. This will allow you to obtain your visa before leaving your home country.

Campus France, the organization that helps international students study in France, recommends that students complete their university application by April of the current year if they plan to start in the September term.