Admission Procedure for Chinese Universities


The admission process to Chinese universities involves several steps, the first of which is obviously filling out the admission form. However, there are certain procedures to follow.

In this article, we will look at how to apply for admission to a university in China and what documents are needed. First of all, here are the steps to follow:

Choose the right course

Before starting the application process to a university in China, it is necessary to choose the program that matches your aspirations. It also has to match your previous studies and degrees.

In general, there are many different English programs to choose from, whether it’s computer science, international economics, or engineering.

Choosing the right university in China

Universities in China offer a variety of different courses of study. Therefore, you have to carefully check all the majors available at different universities in China before applying to a university.

Be well prepared before applying

Take your time to choose a university or the major you want to study. Also, take time to think and read all the information.

Make sure your qualifications meet the university’s requirements. Remember that your admission to a Chinese university will depend on your GPA.

Also, Chinese universities have an age limit for students (30 or 40 years old depending on the program).

Tip: Apply to at least three universities of your choice to increase your chances of admission.

Admission requirements for international students to Chinese universities

International students who wish to enroll in Chinese universities have to meet the requirements set by the Chinese government as well as those of the university to which they are applying.

Chinese Government Requirements

These requirements can be found on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Education or on the website of the China Scholarship Council, the organization that administers government scholarships in China.

In order to enroll in a Chinese university, applicants must first have a student or visitor visa. They have to have the appropriate qualifications, be in a reliable financial situation, and have a guarantor in China. In addition, they have to have a clean criminal record, proven by a notarized certificate of non-criminality certified by a Chinese embassy.

Some official disciplines limit the number of international students from certain countries. So be sure to check if your country is eligible and if you can get a place in the field you are applying for.

Chinese university requirements

These requirements depend mainly on the institution you are applying to. You can see below the list of documents you may be asked to provide. In addition, the requirements depend on the level of degree you are applying for (e.g. for a bachelor’s degree, you need a high school diploma, for a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, etc.).

If you are enrolling in Mandarin Chinese programs, you have to provide the results of your HSK exam to prove your proficiency in the Chinese language. The same is true for English courses where you have to provide the results of an IELTS or TOEFL exam. But those who already have a university degree taught in English do not need to provide their IELTS/TOEFL exam results.

Where and how to register

China offers the following options for registration:

Register directly through the official university website.
Register through CUCAS, which allows you to register at any Chinese university. It is in fact a mediator between you and the university.

CUCAS is an online application system that allows international applicants to apply for admission to a specific university degree in China. To complete the online process, you can follow the instructions on this link

Filling in the application form

In principle, in this section you can fill in the application form which includes the student’s personal information, the degrees obtained and the languages he/she knows.

Documents required for registration

You will have to provide a set of documents required to enroll in a university in China. These documents are as follows:

  1. – A copy of your valid passport
  2. – A personal photo of the applicant (passport size)
  3. – A certificate of medical insurance
  4. – A copy of your student card
  5. – Certificate of no criminal record
  6. – Letter of guarantee of admission
  7. – Documents proving the financial capacity of the applicant financial capacity (bank certificate)
  8. – Diplomas obtained

Other documents may be required depending on each university separately.

In addition, the documents for the language proficiency test, apply when you want to enroll in an English course.

Accepted documents to prove English proficiency :


All documents have to be uploaded on the website as MS-Word (.doc, .docx), PDF and image files (.gif, .jpg, .png).

Finally, after uploading the necessary documents, the registration fee is paid directly on the website. The registration fees vary according to Chinese universities.

Validation of the application

After uploading and completing the documents and paying the application fee, the application will be validated. Normally, you will receive the confirmation by email and you will have to wait one or two weeks to get the answer.