All Tips to make Christmas Table Irresistible!


A natural centerpiece, a pretty tablecloth, festive dishes and a little extra decoration: the Christmas table requires a whole range of well-chosen decorative details to unfold their charm on D-day. How to create a beautiful Christmas table without forgetting anything and with originality? The answer in our special report.

table de noël déco 2021

Traditional Christmas table, original Christmas table, natural Christmas table…

There is no shortage of ideas for Christmas table decoration. The queen of Christmas Eve on December 24, but also of lunch on December 25, is often a source of intense discussion. But no matter what the opinions are, one rule is sure: you need a festive table decoration that is both practical, very aesthetic, and above all that stands out from all the others by being able to mark the guests. Tablecloth or no tablecloth, traditional table art or total gold look, large candle holders to highlight the centerpiece, or rather small tea lights to illuminate the table runner, the Christmas table requires multiple reflections and choices…

How to decorate a Christmas table?

When setting up a festive table, the question of comfort remains paramount. Everyone must be at ease and have enough room (especially in 2021 when Christmas tables are invited to be limited in the number of guests). The dishes must also be able to pass from hand to hand without difficulty. Candlesticks should not invade the space and you must deal with the height: bet on slender candleholders aligned on the center of the table or adopt small candleholders that will punctuate the table decoration. As far as table linen is concerned, we prefer the Christmas tablecloth when we plan to create a classic and traditional Christmas decoration, in order to warm up the interior with simplicity. If you prefer an authentic Christmas table decoration, inspired by the Scandinavian style, bet on a raw wood table covered with no artifice. The napkins are essential and we go more towards the cloth napkin to forget the paper napkin and make a green gesture especially if you show a preference for a natural Christmas decoration! To embellish the whole, launch yourself into a DIY Christmas decoration to become a pro of napkin folding or hanging decoration based on branches decorated with lights.

What colors to adopt for the decoration of a Christmas table?

For a festive table, all colors are allowed! But be careful, color combinations are to be studied and tested. The rule is the same as in fashion: no more than three colors for a Christmas table without false notes! The tones are chosen around a theme: Scandinavian Christmas table decoration, minimalist Christmas table decoration, or traditional Christmas table decoration. For the first, we prefer neutral and sober tones (white and ecru enhanced with silver, white and taupe associated with gold, …) for the second Christmas table decoration we associate the minimalist spirit with a timeless color. Why not honor the white that we will energize with materials? Brass, gold, copper, and why not metal, and wood will do very well. The latter also bring their colors, chic and sober at the same time. For the third table decoration, we dare the color. The frank colors are traditionally associated with the end of the year like the green fir or the carmine red, a very trendy color for this Christmas.

What decorating trends for the Christmas table?

This year, originality and green power are the order of the day for the festive table. It’s up to you to succumb to these trends, but if you take the risk of surprising your guests with a few decorating details that are out of the ordinary, you should know that you’ll need a few material reinforcements like the star candlestick for this Christmas table, the ultra-deco hanging lamp to bring a touch of movement to a traditionally wise festive table, but also a whole host of small 100% natural details that will be distilled in the center of the table for the holidays, such as a bit of moss, pine cones or a few fir branches…

To get all the decorating inspiration and answer all your questions about this famous Christmas table, discover our complete file…

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