Christmas: 10 Tips to Avoid a Family Crunch During the Global Economic Crisis


Often synonymous with family reunions, the Christmas holidays are also dreaded for the conflicts they often generate. To avoid any kind of stress and have a good time with your family, in the middle of the global economic crisis, here are 10 ways to defuse a family crisis.

1. Anticipate the organization of the Christmas Day

To avoid a family crisis on Christmas Day, it is best to anticipate as much as possible. To avoid the spirits getting hot because of the length of the meal, the best thing is to prepare the dishes in advance. This way, they will be served quickly and you will be able to defuse any crisis that arises. This is impossible if you prepare the meal. Also, it can be interesting to make a table plan in advance and not let the guests place themselves. This will allow you to separate the various troublemakers and seat them with people who are used to it and who are patient.

2. Avoid as much as possible the topics that make people angry

Whether it’s about current events such as the Covid crisis, the health pass, vaccination, or even more timeless social issues, there are many topics that can definitely ruin the holidays because of a simple disagreement. To avoid this problem, tell your guests about your desire to avoid certain sensitive or painful subjects and get everyone’s agreement.

3. Don’t idealize the Christmas holidays

The Christmas meal, often a family affair, is highly idealized in the collective imagination. It is often synonymous with joy, reunion, good mood… However, like any human being, the members of your family are far from perfect and have their faults. This year, start with this observation and try not to be too demanding, nor to idealize your loved ones. With the sole objective of having a good time, the family crisis is likely to be avoided! Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it in moderation.

4. Don’t get frustrated

Organizing all the necessary preparations for the Christmas holidays can be stressful. When you put your heart into preparing for such an important event, even small comments can immediately lead to conflict. To avoid such a situation, it is important to be conciliatory and to show kindness.

5. Setting boundaries

The best way to avoid conflict is to set boundaries before the party even begins. Share with your guests a list of points you wish to respect: whether it is unpleasant remarks not to be made for some, behavior not to be displayed for others, or even glasses of alcohol not to be exceeded, be uncompromising.

6. Have something to lighten the mood in case of a crisis

You feel a crisis coming on but you can’t seem to defuse it? What if you planned some activities before the meal that you could do as a family in such cases? A family board game, a show performed by children or a story told for them can help calm the atmosphere and bring back a good-natured atmosphere.

7. To take the distance in case of provocation

Some of your guests do not respect the rules you imposed at the beginning of the evening. The mustard is getting on your nose because THE forbidden subject has been brought up? Rather than getting angry, distance yourself from the situation and don’t respond. By remaining stoic, the person in front of you will not be able to escalate and the conflict will be avoided. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it in moderation.

8. Do not hesitate to isolate yourself to breathe

If the atmosphere or the words of some guests seem unbearable, don’t hesitate to leave the table for a few moments rather than break down at the table. Isolate yourself and think about the positive moments to come in the evening. This will allow you to regain your composure and breathe without the risk of creating a conflict situation that would be even more unbearable for you.

9. Paying attention to word choice

For a calm and healthy discussion, it is important to formulate your sentences well and to leave room for understanding rather than interpretation. If there is a disagreement or misunderstanding, make it known calmly and listen to the explanations of the person in front of you. If offensive or hurtful comments are made against you, express them and describe why it is affecting you. This way, you.

10. Putting the situation into perspective

Remember: you don’t choose your family and you probably love them for what they are, with their faults as well as their qualities. Settling accounts in the middle of Christmas dinner is therefore of no interest and will only contribute to giving you a bad memory of this moment that could have been invited. It is therefore important to put things into perspective and enjoy a pleasant moment as much as you can. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume it in moderation.