Cost Of living In Canada


Canada has world-renowned universities with highly organized campuses. In fact, more than 26 Canadian universities are listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. What’s more, a study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that Canada is among the top countries in terms of investment in education.

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed important information you should know when studying in Canada. We’ve listed the top universities in Canada and their admission requirements. We have also seen how you can get your Canadian student visa and we have given you all the information you need about student accommodation in Canada.

So, today we are going to tell you about the cost of living as a student in Canada.

Tuition fees for Canadian universities

To calculate the cost of studying and living in Canada, start by evaluating your tuition fees. In Canada, tuition fees can be a bit high, but they are quite reasonable compared to the UK, America, and Australia.

Also, these fees depend on many variables, including the location of the university and the program you are studying. For example, tuition fees in Newfoundland are low compared to Ontario, which has higher fees.

According to Canadian statistics collected from former international students, the average tuition for a Bachelor’s degree is $6,500 CAD per year. That said, tuition fees can range from $1,000 CAD to $38,000 CAD per year. Here are some examples of the average tuition fees for bachelor’s programs.

  • Dentistry: $21,000 CAD
  • Law: $11,400 CAD
  • Social Sciences: $850 CAD
  • Teaching: $2,000 CAD

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Cost of living for international students in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is slightly higher than the international average. However, the quality of life is also higher than in other countries. On average, you will need approximately $1,000 to $1,500 Canadian dollars to cover the cost of living in Canada, including housing.

Buying food

The cost of food is quite reasonable in Canada. You can buy the groceries you need for $200 to $250 Canadian per month. As an international student, you should always look for sales and bargains at Canadian supermarkets like Walmart and No Frills.

If you want to eat in a Canadian restaurant, the average meal will cost about 25 Canadian dollars.


In Canada, university students between the ages of 18 and 25 receive discounts on monthly public transportation tickets. The cost of a monthly transit ticket is $91 Canadian.

Cost of Living in Canada: Housing

Housing options for students include on-campus housing, dormitories, shared apartments, private apartments, and homestays.

In addition, it is common in the country for international students to live on campus for the first year. These are usually shared rooms, while laundry, kitchen, and social areas are shared with other students. The rent for this on-campus housing depends on the university and the area where you are studying. However, you should expect to pay between 500 and 3,000 CAD per month for this type of housing.

After their first year, international students in Canada generally choose to move into individual apartments or shared apartments off campus. Again, depending on the city, the size of the apartment, and the area of the city you decide to move to, students must spend between 750 and 2,200 CAD per month on rent.

In addition to housing, students who rent an apartment or studio will also have to pay additional fees. This includes a monthly cost of 150 CAD for utilities and an expense of between 50 and 70 CAD per month for internet.

Health Insurance Costs for Students in Canada

The health care system in Canada is publicly funded, with each province and territory administering its own health care. So, depending on where you live in Canada, you may not be eligible for public health coverage.

In this case, your university may request for you purchase private insurance. This will cover at least the cost of services for essential preventive and emergency health issues. In Canada, private health insurance costs between 600 and 1,000 CAD. This cost depends on the policy you purchase.

Other costs for students in Canada

In addition to food, housing, and transportation, you should also budget some money for cultural and outdoor activities outside of studying. You may want to visit a famous museum, go to the movies or participate in sporting events in Canada. Movie tickets cost about 15 CAD, while museums may offer free admission to students. Eating out at a cheap restaurant will also cost between 15 and 25 CAD.