DIY Halloween Decorations


Halloween is just around the corner. Now it’s time to think about how you’re going to decorate your house. Because Halloween is not just about horror movies and tacky decorations, has selected for you twenty frighteningly enchanting DIY tutorials to create a deadly atmosphere in your home. Your little monsters will be over the moon!

1- Halloween decoration: labels to print

Forget about spiderwebs and creepy atmospheres! To spend a devilishly scary Halloween night and terrify your guests forever, we print labels with old-fashioned graphics. All your drinks will look like a magical broth.

2. Halloween decoration: a monstrous edible candy bowl

If Halloween is all about monsters in your house, this easy-to-make decoration is sure to please! First, blow up some balloons. In a bowl, mix some white chocolate chips, oil, and a little green food coloring and melt it all in the microwave. After this step, dip the bottom of the balloon in the chocolate. Let it dry then add two small eye-shaped candies. Original and greedy, we crack!

3. Halloween decoration: bats in suspension

The bat is an ideal icon for Halloween and moreover, so easy to reproduce. The proof is in the pudding with this inexpensive and simple DIY! A bit of black paper, a bat template, some eyes to glue, a few minutes of cutting… and there you go! A real child’s play!

4. Halloween decoration: A bouquet in the shape of ghosts

A jar painted black, some lollipops, white cotton, string, and a black pen and you are ready to decorate your table with a bunch of little ghosts. Nice or naughty, it’s up to you to give them the look you want.

5. Halloween decoration: ghosts under glass

We are inspired by Christmas globes under glass for this decoration made with small custom jars, pieces of wood, and canvas. Nice, isn’t it?

6. Halloween decoration: an original wall sign

With a little wire, colored tape, and just a few minutes of manipulation, your wall will be transformed into an original and graphic Halloween decoration. Witches and vampires of the day need not worry!

7. Halloween decoration: A bat candy basket

Your little toddler decided to dress up as a bat this year? It’s a good thing, we found a tutorial that will allow you to coordinate candy baskets and costumes. Tempted? Nothing could be easier. Just follow step by step the recommendations of the nice blog MerMag.

8. Halloween decoration: a flight of bats

Reproduce the flight of a swarm of bats is possible! With a little black paper, a wing template, a few minutes of folding, and a garland, your wall will be transformed into a scary flight of bats.

9. Halloween decoration: a crown of eyes

Halloween is the perfect time to add a wreath to your front door. If you want one that is reminiscent of this holiday, get a wreath of your choice. Wrap it in fabric and then cover it with ping pong balls. Finally, place small eye-shaped dots on each ball and you’re done!

10. Halloween decoration: a spooky decoration

For a deadly decoration on Halloween, plant a decor all dressed in black, spiced with a few silver notes scattered here and there. Cardboard trees and raven-colored fabrics, pumpkin or charcoal candlesticks… Like Chinese shadows, this decoration will not leave you unmoved!

11. Halloween decoration: treat and trick light

We love these outdoor lights designed by Diy N Crafts. Painted in black and decorated with a special message, they have style! We can also use them as inspiration to customize our pumpkins and we spread our creations on our stairs, around the fireplace, outside, or at the entrance.

12. Halloween decoration: colored lanterns

For Halloween, leave the pumpkins behind! This year, turn your traditional plastic glasses into scary-colored lanterns. It will give your guests a chill!

13. Halloween decoration: bat garland

For decoration to shiver the day of Halloween, we are inspired by the bat garland of the blog Meine Svenja. Her idea? Cut the black paper into the shape of wings and paint a Styrofoam ball black. To finish, put them together. Evil this Halloween decoration!

14. Halloween decoration: a pumpkin as a flower pot

Every year, it’s the same thing… you rack your brains to find a spectacular way to decorate your Halloween pumpkins. This year, go for originality by turning your pumpkins into an ephemeral flowerpot. With a new look, the cucurbit has more than one trick up its sleeve!

15. Halloween decoration: candy centerpiece

To delicately decorate your Halloween table, you can also bet on a bit of fantasy. How to do it? By inviting candies in the shape of ghosts, and pumpkins … in a vase, just to appropriate with originality the traditional colors of Halloween. An idea that will surely seduce young and old!

16. Halloween decoration: outdoor ghost lanterns

Outside your home, you can also bring a spooky note. To do this, you’ll hijack your old plastic bottles and decorate them with a black pen. We can’t wait!

17. Halloween decoration: blood-curdling jars

To give some panache to our Halloween table decoration, we bet on customized jars made with black and gold spray paint and rubber bands. Perfect for hosting candy, they will delight all your toddlers.

18. Halloween decoration: spider garlands

To easily set the scene in your living room on Halloween day, make yourself some scary little spiders with hairy legs and bodies. Black string, a Styrofoam ball, and you’re done!

19. Halloween decoration: Halloween wreath

At Halloween, carved, decorated and lit pumpkins punctuate the house with their grimaces and orange color. Here’s an idea to change and decorate your front door! Make a Halloween wreath with bat silhouettes cut from black paper, burlap, and orange ribbon.