Doing a Master’s In English In Germany


Even though Germany is not an English-speaking country, it remains one of the top destinations for students. In fact, most German universities offer master’s degrees in English to international students.

All levels of study have high standards, including engineering and technology programs. In addition, many different courses are taught in English, especially in the master’s programs in the social sciences and other job-ready fields.

How do I study English in Germany?

International students who do not speak German may have difficulty finding accurate information on how to study in English, let alone at a university level. A lot of students come to study in Germany because of free education. But most of the time, they have a hard time finding programs in English because most German universities teach their courses in German.

Finding English Language Programs in Germany

If you search on DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service), you will find some 107-degree programs entirely in English. However, if you narrow your search to free undergraduate programs, the number is reduced to only 54. Therefore, you may have to pay some tuition fees at a private German university to take the program you want in English. (But these fees will still be lower than in other countries)

Studying English for free in Germany

If you want to study English for free, you may need to look at the less prestigious universities in Germany. We recommend that you consider smaller institutions or those that are specialized. For example, the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) may be a good option for studying science and technology.

German Universities offering study programs in English

A limited number of programs are offered in English at the top German universities. Since there are so few programs in English, you will need to be flexible in your choice of the program if you wish to study at one of the top universities.

Here is a list of some of the most prestigious German universities (according to the QS ranking) that offer study programs in English. Please note that this list is not exhaustive as new programs may be added at any time.

Freiburg University

The University of Freiburg not only offers you the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in English in Germany, but it is also one of the few universities that offer Bachelor’s degree programs in English. Freiburg offers international students a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc), depending on the program you choose.

Visit the University of Freiburg website for more information.

Göttingen University

The University of Göttingen is ranked 181st in the world university ranking. It offers a bachelor’s degree program in molecular ecology, taught in English. The university also offers several postgraduate programs.

Würzburg University

This institution is ranked between 481 and 490 in the world university ranking. It offers programs of study in English. In addition, it offers a Bachelor of Arts program entitled “Modern China BA 60” for students who speak both English and Chinese. This program is offered in collaboration with one of China’s top universities, Peking University.

For more information about the University of Würzburg.