Finding Student Housing in China


You have received your acceptance letter from the university for admission to China, great! But you still have some things to do. Finding student housing in China is one of the important things to do to ensure a smooth study trip.

We have already published an article on the cost of studying and living in China. However, finding housing in China can be a challenge for new students.

You have to focus your housing search on the places closest to the university.

It should be noted that Chinese universities offer student housing. Therefore, it is helpful to contact your university to find out about all the housing options available to you as a student in China.

Housing options in China for students

Housing in China is divided into two parts. The first is student housing within the university. The second is off-campus housing.

University housing in China

University dormitories are one of the most popular options for international students in China.

Many different universities have dormitories for international students. This provides you with the feeling of being surrounded by students who share the same experience.

At many different universities, you can choose to live in a single room or a room shared by two or more students.

Rooms may have a private bathroom. It is also possible to share bathrooms and kitchens on the floor. Many different residence halls do not have kitchens but have a large restaurants where you can eat.

The price of this type of housing varies depending on each university, as well as the expenses included. You can pay the housing costs on your own or share them. You will also have to pay for water and electricity.

Some universities, such as Peking University, have limited space for international students. In this case, it may be difficult to reserve accommodation.

In general, it is not possible to stay in the same residence as Chinese students. This is mainly because as a foreign student, you are separated from the Chinese.

However, if you want to develop your Chinese language skills, you can apply for housing with students from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

The advantages of on-campus housing are obvious. There is little or no commute time and you will save a lot of daily transportation costs.

Off-Campus Housing

If you want to live off-campus, you have to have your own housing. Also, when you arrive, you can stay in a hotel if you have not yet found housing.

To find off-campus housing, you first have to determine what your real needs are and, of course, how much you can spend. There are many different types of off-campus housing, such as shared housing, homestays, or renting a studio apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Costs for each type vary depending on the characteristics of the apartment and the area. The cost of renting an apartment in Beijing is about $1000 per month. In a small city, you can get a bill of up to $300.

Finding student housing in China

As a general rule, you have to go to your university first to ask questions. They will probably be able to help you find housing on or near campus, or recommend real estate agents to talk to.

The best way to do this is to book a hotel room near the university before you arrive in China. You can stay there for the first week of your stay in China so that you have enough time to look for a place to settle in.

You can even check out the housing options available to you. But if you choose this option, ask a Chinese friend to accompany you, to help you make the right choice, and also to negotiate with the real estate agent.

On the other hand, there are other ways to find a suitable room to rent. You can start online, for example, if you are looking for student housing in Beijing, you can search on sites like “The Beijinger“.

You can also check out GoChengdoo or GabinoHome, where you can browse the classifieds to find the best student housing option for you in China.

Finally, find out about housing costs such as electricity, water, internet connection, and other expenses before you sign.

Take your time to find the right housing. Start the journey early to find a good place for you.