Homemade Toothpaste: Natural Recipes from Grandmothers(bonus)


Bonus Recipe: Mouth Spray for Fresh Breath

Why make your own toothpaste?

Because it is ecological
Making your own toothpaste is part of an ecological and zero-waste approach. No more industrial toothpaste and its polluting packaging. You can make your own toothpaste that is just as effective, without fluoride, and made from 100% natural products that you can even grow at home (like mint leaves, for example).

Because it’s better for your health
Endocrine disruptors, polluting and irritating surfactants, etc., the substances found in industrial products are at best dubious, at worst toxic, and rightly so.

When you make your own hygiene and cosmetic products, you know what you are putting in them, quite simply! You use natural, organic products, and preserve your health by not using products whose possible long-term effects are not yet known.

Because it’s economical
The ingredients may cost you more at the beginning because you will have to buy them in large quantities (for example, a 500g package of baking soda, a 20cl bottle of essential oil, etc.).

However, these ingredients will allow you to make your toothpaste for a long, long time, maybe several years! In the medium-long term, making your own cosmetics is much more profitable and economical than buying them in stores, even at a low price.

Here’s a simple recipe to add to our list of homemade toothpaste recipes. Keep your breath fresh all day long with this natural recipe.

  1. Difficulty: Easy
  2. Preparation time: 10 minutes
  3. Quantity: 15 cl
  4. Resting time: at least 15 days
  5. Efficiency: 5/5


  • 5 mint leaves
  • 5 eucalyptus leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of thyme
  • 1 tablespoon of cloves
  • The zest of an organic untreated lemon
  • 10 cl of fruit alcohol (40°) or vodka
  • 10 cl of glycerin

Equipment needed:

  • A bowl
  • A spoon
  • A container with a lid to store your toothpaste

Preparation steps:

  • With a knife or pair of scissors (or a blender), chop the mint, eucalyptus, and thyme leaves.
  • With a pestle or similar tool, coarsely grind the cloves.
  • In a lidded jar, combine the mint, eucalyptus, thyme, cloves, lemon zest, and alcohol.
  • Close the jar and let the mixture steep for at least 15 days.
  • Strain the mixture, then add the glycerin to the resulting liquid.
  • Pour the final mixture into a spray bottle. Your mouth spray is ready!


Spray your mouth occasionally to keep your breath fresh, in addition to regular brushing of your teeth.