How to Find Student Housing in France


In one of our previous articles, we saw the different types of scholarships in France and how to apply for them. This time, we will see how to book student housing in France. At the same time, we will see how to facilitate the search for housing for the student.

How can a student find accommodation in France?

Of course, it is important to determine what the student wants according to his or her needs, budget, and length of stay, in addition to taking the following points into consideration

  • . Be proactive and reserve your place of residence before coming to France.
  • . Contact the university administration in charge of student housing, if you have chosen this option.
  • . Have a general idea of the price of housing and the cost of living in the country. This will certainly make it easier for you to choose housing that fits your budget.
  • . It is not advisable to choose shared housing with other first-year students unless you already know them.
  • . Once you have chosen your housing, take the time to read the rental agreement carefully before signing it.
  • . Set up a monthly budget that includes rent and associated bills as agreed upon with the landlord. This includes electricity, water, or internet bills.
  • . If you have any concerns, you have to be able to contact the International Student Office. Almost every university has one and it is convenient to have the support and assistance you need.

It should be noted that France offers housing benefits to foreign and French students. These benefits are mainly in the form of grants, depending on the type of student housing chosen.

In addition, these benefits are divided into social and personal benefits and their amount varies according to the rent paid by the student in relation to his/her financial situation. Here is some important information to know about the types of student housing:

Residence halls and university campuses in France

Some are located in the campus buildings, others outside. However, they all come under the same administration, the Crous or Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires.

Of course, for this type of residence, the rooms are equipped with all the furniture and appliances that the student may need.

The cost of rent for these residences varies between 250 and 350 euros per month. However, due to their limited number, there will not be enough rooms for all international students. The student may therefore have difficulty obtaining a room in these residences.

Private student housing in France

This is private non-governmental housing for international students and French students from other cities. This type of housing exists in all cities in France with a monthly rent between 400 and 700 euros. The amount of rent depends on the region and the small needs that the student may have in the room he rents.

Sharing or renting a private apartment in France

Renting an apartment with one or more roommates in France can be a more affordable option than renting an individual apartment as a student. And the number of students choosing this option has been increasing in recent years.

In general, each student has his or her own room and shares the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Another advantage of this option is that students have much more space than if they were to rent an individual studio in a building. In addition, the price per square meter of this type of student housing is lower than the private option.

Homestay for students in France

This type of accommodation is suitable for short stays unless there is a very good relationship between the student and the family in which he or she is staying.

It consists of renting a furnished room from the owner or resident of a house. The rent for this type of student housing in France is approximately 200 and 300 euros per month, usually with breakfast and dinner included.

The cost of this type of housing is lowest in small towns and in the French countryside.

What is the cost of student housing in France?

The cost of rent and housing for students in France depends mainly on the city in which they live. Regardless of which option you choose, renting in large cities, such as the capital, Paris, is very expensive. Roughly speaking, monthly student housing in Paris can cost between 600 and 1,000 euros.

In fairly affordable cities, such as Marseille or Grenoble, student housing costs about 250 euros. In Lyon, you can expect to pay more than 800 euros for individual housing.

One of the most important requirements, in this case, is to provide financial guarantees indicating continuity and commitment to paying rent to the owner. These conditions include associated bills such as electricity, water, and internet. In addition, the student’s monthly income must be equal to three months’ rent.

If the student is a recipient of a state or private scholarship in France, the authority that granted the scholarship ensures the payment of the specified guarantees. This amount is generally sufficient to pay one month’s rent with all bills, even if housing is not included in the amount of the grant.