How to Get a Scholarship in South Korea?


International students have many reasons to study in South Korea. Not only is the country financially stable, but the cost of living is lower than in any other industrialized country. In addition to the exceptional quality of education, South Korea also offers great scholarship opportunities, which allow students to study in the country for almost free.

In this guide, we highlight the various scholarships that international students are eligible for to study in Korea. What are their requirements and how students can benefit from them to cover their study and living expenses in South Korea?

First: Korean Government Scholarships

The main purpose of these scholarships is to provide students from all over the world with the opportunity to study in South Korea and to strengthen relations between different countries of the world.

Programs of study available: Bachelor’s degree programs (4 academic years), as well as post-graduate study programs (Master’s and Doctorate).

The number of Scholarship Recipients: 170 undergraduate students and 700 postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral).

What costs are covered by the scholarship?

  1. 1. Airfare.
  2. 2. 200,000 Korean won for accommodation in Korea. For more information,         see “How to obtain student housing in South Korea”.
  3. 3. Living expenses in the amount of 800,000 Korean won for undergraduate students. For postgraduate students, it is 900,000 Korean won.
  4. 4. Health insurance worth 20,000 Korean won per month.
  5. 5. Language courses worth 800,000 Korean Won.
  6. 6. University and tuition fees not exceeding 5,000,000 Korean Won per semester.
  7. 7. Incentive when you pass the Korean language course with the amount of            100,000 Korean Won.
  8. 8. Research support with an amount between 210,000 and 240,000 Korean           Won.
  9. 9. Thesis printing fee in the amount of 500,000 to 800,000 Korean Won.
  10. 10. A sum of 100,000 Korean won at the end of the scholarship.

The main qualifications required

  1. 1. The student must not maintain Korean citizenship.
  2. 2. The student must maintain the mental and physical ability to study in a              foreign country for a long period of time.
  3. 3. Undergraduate students must be under 25 years of age.
  4. 4. For graduate students, the age must be less than 40 years old.
  5. 5. The last certificate obtained from an educational institution must maintain a cumulative grade above 80%.
  6. 6. The scholarship will be submitted through the Korean Embassy.

Second: Scholarships from Korean universities

Major qualifications required:

  • A cumulative grade above 80%.
  • A good research record for graduate students.
  • for graduate students.
  • Some language skills are also required.

Basically, there are two types of scholarships:

1) Scholarships for private universities located in the capital, Seoul:

It covers 30% of the study fees (at least) for undergraduate students.
However, it covers the entire cost of study for graduate students.

2) Scholarships for private universities not located in the capital city, Seoul:

It covers 50% of the study fee for undergraduate students.
And, it covers the entire study fee for graduate students.

For more information, visit the website of the university concerned or the Korean government’s education website.

Third: scholarships from other Korean institutions

These scholarships are quite diverse, here are the main ones:

1) KDI Management and Public Policy Scholarship:

In principle, the scholarship covers the entire cost of the study.
In addition, it provides a monthly payment for the student.
Finally, it includes airfare.

2) Academy of Korean Studies Scholarship:

Basically, the scholarship provides financial support for research in the amount of 900,000 Korean won per month.
In addition, it includes airfare.

3) Dae Wong Scholarship, South Korea:

Basically, it includes financial support in the amount of 2,000,000 Korean won.

For more information: Dae Wong Scholarship

4) Posco Tj Park Foundation Scholarships :

  • In principle, it covers the cost of study for 4 full semesters.
  • In addition, it covers the cost of living for 22 months.

Get more information about Posco Tj Park.

5) Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies Scholarship :

  • It covers a monthly fee of 2,500,000 Korean won.
  • Airfare is covered.
  • In addition, it includes health insurance.
  • Finally, it includes research incentives.

Learn more about the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies scholarships.

6) KOICA Fellowship :

  • In principle, it covers the entire cost of the study.
  • In addition, it covers the cost of living and accommodation at the university.
  • It includes airfare.
  • Finally, it covers a portion of health insurance.

More information on the Koica scholarship.

7) Hansae Yes 24 Scholarship:

In principle, it covers the cost of study for one semester only.

For more information:

Tel: (+82) -2-3779-0900