How to Get Student Accommodation in Ireland?


One of the most important steps in studying abroad is securing student housing, which is an essential step in moving to and living in another country. In Ireland, there are many housing options available. In this article, we will highlight all the types of student housing available in Ireland.

One of the most important steps to take is to have student housing prepared before you leave for Ireland. Some Irish universities can provide you with student housing. If they do not, you should look for it in advance.

Also, note that most universities provide accommodation for international students at least for the first year of their university studies in Ireland.

The provision of housing by the university is not guaranteed. When you are accepted to a university for a specific program, you will receive a letter listing the housing offices available in the city where your university is located. These offices provide assistance, advice, and guidance in finding appropriate housing.

Important criteria to consider

When looking for student housing in Ireland, keep these few points in mind:

♦ The distance between your place of residence and the university that has accepted your application: is it close by, far enough away?
♦ The transportation options available in the area of the student housing.
♦ How far do you have to travel to find stores, stores, and other services?
♦ The size of your room.
♦ The number of people you will be sharing a kitchen and bathroom with
♦ The cost of the room.

The different types of student accommodation in Ireland.

University accommodation in Ireland.

There are several types of student accommodation on campus. You can have a shared room or a private room with a private or shared bathroom. Most rooms have a shared kitchen for four to eight students. And sometimes food is served on campus.

On-campus housing is the most popular choice among students because most of them are located near the university or college where the student is studying. It also offers students several services, such as laundry facilities. On-campus housing is also a great opportunity to get to know other students and make friends

Basic necessities and bills will be included in your rent, which varies greatly depending on location and room type. Please note that it is very important that students apply for housing as soon as possible in order to get the type of room they are looking for.

The cost of this type of accommodation is around €500-600 per month.

Living in Ireland with an Irish family.

You may have the opportunity to live with a family in Ireland during your studies. This type of accommodation is popular among students during their first year of study. This option allows you to improve your English skills and learn more about Irish culture.

You will have your own room and will be treated like a member of the family. You will also be provided with breakfast and dinner.

However, you may be required to help with household chores and sometimes also contribute financially to the costs of your stay, such as paying bills, etc. These expenses can amount to as much as $200,000. These expenses can amount to as much as €125 per week, while the rent for the room varies between €125 and €200 per month.

Staying in private apartments in Ireland.

You can rent a private apartment or a room in a shared apartment. In the latter case, you have your own room and share only the bathroom and kitchen with the rest of the students. This type of housing is perfect for students who want more privacy.

However, most bills are not included in the room rental price. You must agree with the other students on how to divide the expenses and how to organize the cleaning. The cost of these rooms varies between 300 and 700€ per month.

How do I find student housing in Ireland?

The very first place students can get help finding accommodation in Ireland is at their university or college. Contact the student union as soon as you arrive in Ireland to find out what support they offer for housing.

However, it is best to arrive in Ireland early to give yourself time to find a place to live before your course begins. You can also book a place in a hostel, which you can use as a temporary option while you look for a more permanent place.

There are also many websites that you can check out, whether you are looking for an apartment, a house to share, or even a room with an Irish family. Among these sites, there are :

Student Accommodation in Dublin and Cork.

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