How To Get Student Accommodation In The UK?


In this article, we will cover all the information needed to find suitable student accommodation in the UK for Arab students. How to get student accommodation in the UK?

Generally speaking, student housing in the UK is divided into 4 main categories:

  1. University accommodation.
  2. Boarding accommodation (for those under 18s).
  3. Private accommodation (renting an apartment or similar).
  4. Accommodation with a British family.

    Table of Contents

  • The right questions to ask before choosing your student accommodation in the UK.
  • University accommodation in the UK.
  • Boarding schools.
  • Private accommodation.
  • Accommodation with a British family.

The right questions to ask yourself before choosing your student accommodation in the UK

First, there are some important questions to ask your university dormitory manager, his or her space manager, or a classmate to help you choose the right housing for you in the UK:

  • How far is the housing from the university?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is there good transportation?
  • Is it available to share accommodation with another student?
  • Is the accommodation relatively quiet and suitable for studying and sleeping?
  • What is the cost of accommodation?

University accommodation in the UK

  • You have your own unshared room, but share other rooms such as the kitchen and toilets with other students.
  • Your bedroom usually has a bed, desk, and shelves.
  • There is a large main room for student meetings; for certain activities and for watching television. The library is attached to the residence and there is also a room dedicated to prayer that is intended to be used by different religions.
  • In addition, there is a resident assistant in the university housing. His role is to provide a safe, efficient, and quality accommodation environment; he will help and advise you during your stay.
  • Most UK universities only provide accommodation for students in their first year of studies. After that, it may be possible to extend your stay at the university for the duration of your studies. If this is not available, you should look for private housing after your first year of studies.
  • The University will help you choose private housing and name some appropriate locations.
  • Without a doubt, university housing is a good opportunity to make friends with your classmates and a good opportunity to save money.

You can contact all British universities on the topic of accommodation via its official website. For example, you can get information and apply for university accommodation on the website of the University of Bristol.

Boarding schools

Available for students under 18 years old
Accommodation is in a large house and is provided with meals and other services. You can find out more at the following link provided by the UK Department of Education.

Private accommodation

  • Many students live in rented rooms and apartments; which is the option they have, after the end of their first school year.
  • When considering private accommodation, it is best to share with other students to reduce the graduate cost of the rent. You need to know the cost of studies and living in the UK before you choose the accommodation you can afford.
  • As mentioned earlier, the university will help you choose and offer private accommodations that suit your needs.

Staying with a British family

  • This is a great opportunity to get involved in British society and get to know it quickly.
  • Being in a family environment helps reduce homesickness.
  • Provides an appropriate and quiet space to study and sleep.
  • You can ask your housing assistant for more details.