How to Get Student Housing in South Korea


If you have decided to study in South Korea, and you know which university you would like to study at, you now need to choose the type of student housing in Korea that suits you best.

So, we are going to introduce you to the accommodation options in South Korea. And how to get them, following the recommendations of the official website of the Korean Education Authority.

Types of student housing in South Korea

1) University Campus

Most Korean universities offer student housing. In this regard, university housing should be your first choice for student housing in South Korea.

To obtain university housing while studying in South Korea, you must follow the registration instructions given on the university’s website.

Although this may vary from university to university, the following are the general requirements:

  • Housing applications for the first semester (fall semester) are made in August. Second-semester (spring semester) housing applications are due in February.
  • Type of housing: single, double, or quadruple occupancy.
  • Housing period: 6 months. Important: It will be necessary to apply for the renewal of the accommodation for each new semester.
  • Cost: 1,000,000,000 Korean Won (€780) for a 6-month housing period. In addition, meals are sometimes included. (1 Euro = 1,392.84 Won).
  • Depending on each university, other documents and certificates will be required.

Here is a nice example of university housing at the Korean Yonsei University; it is called the Global House.

It brings together students from all over the world. By clicking on the link, you will find information about housing and the application. You can apply by creating an account on the university’s website and then following the necessary steps mentioned above.

2) Student hotel in South Korea

If you don’t maintain the possibility of accommodation at the university, then you can consider the second option, which is the student hotel.

This is a small student hotel (guesthouse) where a group of students stay and share rooms and food for a price that varies from region to region in South Korea. In addition, it is usually close to the Korean university area.

As for the cost, it varies between 200,000 and 1,000,000 Korean won per month (from 155 € to 780 €), depending on the city. In larger cities, the cost is higher than in smaller cities. In addition, breakfast and dinner are often provided.

How do I find these student hotels?

The best way to find them is to do some research on your own around your Korean university. Some universities provide useful information for students on how to find accommodations in student hotels near the university.

3) Goshiwon

These are small rooms (no more than 3 square meters) in which university students live to study and prepare for exams in South Korea. Although the room is narrow, it is equipped with air conditioning, a small storage space, and a desk, with a washing machine shared by the students.

The Goshiwon is located near the university areas of Korea. There are also a few small restaurants nearby. In addition, students share a kitchen and a hallway, and in very rare cases the bathroom.

The cost of Goshiwon ranges from 170,000 to 450,000 Korean won per month (€130 to €350). Depending on the region, you may be able to find cheaper rooms, but in Seoul, this type of student housing costs about 250,000 Korean won per month.

Several websites list Goshiwon, such as Goshipages and Goshitel.

4) Renting in South Korea

You can rent a single room or an apartment, a whole house with shared costs with other students in South Korea.

Then, you should know that rooms, apartments, and houses are generally unfurnished. It is up to the tenant to furnish the apartment according to his or her taste.

The cost of rent in South Korea is not limited. It starts at 500,000 Korean won (€380) for a bedroom with a private bathroom. However, it reaches 100 million Korean won (€780) for a 3-bedroom house. Of course, the cost depends on the location of the property as well as its facilities.

Possible payment methods:

  • Monthly payment, without discount.
  • With an advance payment, which reduces the monthly rent.

Take the time to compare rates on the South Korea Real Estate Brokers Union website.