How To Apply To Universities In The US?


Once you have chosen a university to study at in the United States, you need to get organized and learn more about the application procedures for U.S. universities as well as the application and admission requirements.

How do I apply for a U.S. university?

Many students waste their time understanding the application and enrollment requirements. We don’t want you to be one of them!

Steps to apply for admission to a US university

Application for admission to an American university

You will need to complete your application for admission on the official website of the university you wish to attend.

Most American universities have common requirements. We will focus on Harvard University, for example.

The application for admission to Harvard for non-American students is no different from that of an American student.

That said, whether you are American or foreign, the application requirements are the same. Basically, the application fee is $75.

Harvard University and most American universities receive applications through this website.

Notes on using the site:

If you are not registered on the site, you must first register via the “Create Account” button.
After registering, you can type the name of the university you wish to join in the search field. For example, Harvard University.
Click on the “Application Form” button and start filling in the required data for submission.

Tests required for admission to a US university

English Language Proficiency Test

This is the TOEFL or ILETS, depending on the requirements of each university. In fact, some universities do not require a specific choice of one of them. Some prefer ILETS and others prefer TOEFL, as is evidenced by Harvard.

Learn more about the IELTS

SAT or ACT test

The ACT (American College Testing) is a math and logic test. The ACT consists of four tests: English, reading, math, and science, plus an optional 30-minute essay.

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), on the other hand, is a logic and knowledge test, which depends on the college you choose. Obviously, the difference between the ACT and SAT is not significant, so either test is sufficient.

Personal Interview

This requirement is not required at all colleges and its absence, for whatever reason, will not affect your admission and enrollment.

Financial Aid

When you need financial aid from a university, for example, Harvard, it makes no difference whether you are an American student or not, or even whether you are from the United States or not.

Letters of Recommendation for Admission to U.S. Universities
An essential element for applying to any university abroad, not just in the US. Of course, you must be careful who you choose for this.

Copy of your certificates

This is either a high school certificate when applying for a master’s degree, or a university certificate when joining a graduate degree. In addition, all certificates must contain all cumulative data and estimates for all years.

Cover letter

This letter is a valuable opportunity for students to talk about things that were not addressed in the application. Obviously, for a good letter, you need a perfect opening paragraph.

In fact, this is one of the most important things to consider when writing a letter. For example, start by introducing yourself and your field of study, interests, skills, etc,

In addition, mention why you chose this university and what it can do for your career. You can also mention how you see yourself in recent years and how you see your future.

All these tips are very important and will certainly help you when you decide to apply to an American university.

Student Visa

The types of student visas in the United States vary depending on the type of education or course.

All of these tips are very important and will certainly help you when you decide to apply to a US university.