No More Falling Breasts


With age, pregnancy, weight gain, or loss, your breasts can fall. This is called breast ptosis, which is a completely natural phenomenon, but it bothers some women who prefer to have toned and firm breasts. However, you can counteract this phenomenon with the 10 tips and tricks that we present in this article.

1. Stand up straight

Standing up is tiring for you, but you must absolutely make sure that you stay upright in all circumstances. This is a fundamental rule that every woman who wants to have beautiful breasts with good support must respect. Also, remember to bend your torso when you are standing to avoid the appearance of the washcloth effect.

2. Cold showers

This is a remedy that has been known for a long time and has proven its effectiveness. Cold water tones the breasts by improving blood circulation. If you are cold, you don’t have to take your entire shower in cold water. In fact, you can shower at your usual temperature and then run cold water over your breasts at the end. You can apply this remedy in the morning as well as in the evening, but be aware that it is only effective at the beginning of the ptosis. When the ptosis is too advanced, cold water is not enough.

3. Moisturize your breasts

The beauty and tone of your breasts depend largely on the condition of your skin. It needs to be nourished and moisturized to stay healthy and thus allow you to have healthy breasts that do not fall out. So use moisturizers that are appropriate for your skin type whenever you feel the need.

4. Protect it from the sun’s rays

The sun’s rays make your skin lose its elasticity and firmness, including your breasts, and can cause skin cancer, redness, and irritation with prolonged and repeated exposure. It is therefore important to protect your breasts from ultraviolet rays as well as protect other parts of your body. Use a sufficiently protective cream with a factor of at least 50, whether you are on the beach or in town.

5. Muscle up

The pectorals are the muscles located just below the breasts. They play an important role in your motor skills and in the support of your chest and the whole upper part of your body, including your breasts. It is therefore interesting to build up your pectoral muscles in order to have firmer and more plump breasts. The best exercises to do this are push-ups, which you can do in sets every day, gradually increasing the number of push-ups per set.


You can also take a tennis ball in each of your hands, extend your arms in front of you and crush them together. Dumbbell exercises are also great for building muscle in this area of the body, in addition to toning your arms.

6. Don’t sleep on your stomach

Many women accelerate breast ptosis by adopting poor posture when standing, but also by sleeping on their stomachs. This position, although comfortable for many women, has the disadvantage of flattening the breasts, crushing them, and causing them to lose their tone. You should therefore avoid sleeping on your stomach and if you have a large chest, you should also avoid sleeping on your side. The ideal position for sleeping while preserving your breasts is on your back.

7. Wear the right size bra

Your breasts are constantly growing and shrinking as you gain and lose weight. So it’s important to always check that your bras are the right size and to change them when they’re not. A bra that is too large does not provide enough support and promotes breast ptosis, while a bra that is too tight crushes the breasts, which has the same effect. For better support, choose bras with wide straps and a strong underwire.

8. Go swimming

Swimming is the ideal sport for women who want to build up their pectoral muscles and thus have firmer breasts that don’t sag. This sport mobilizes all parts of the body, especially the crawl, which helps to work the pectoral muscles. By practicing swimming, you preserve your breasts by strengthening your pectoral muscles and opt for a discipline that does not involve shocks like some sports.

Shocks can distend the tissues and accelerate breast ptosis, especially if your breasts are not properly supported during the activity. With swimming, your entire body is supported by the water and you don’t have to endure any impact.

9. Avoid large weight changes

If you are yo-yo dieting, losing weight only to regain it quickly a few weeks later, you are putting your body and your skin to the test. By gaining weight quickly, you will crack your skin, which leads to the formation of stretch marks and loss of elastin. As a result, the skin on your breasts will sag, which inevitably leads to the appearance of sagging breasts. To avoid this phenomenon, try to keep your weight stable as much as possible.

10. Massage your breasts

Over the years, it is normal for your skin to gradually lose its elasticity and tone. However, you can slow down this process by taking the precautions already described in this article and by massaging your chest regularly. You can use oils known for their firming and toning properties. These include coconut oil and macadamia oil.

Scrubbing the skin of your breasts can also help preserve them and prevent them from falling off too quickly. Scrub once a week using products that are suitable for your skin.