Ranking of Top Business Schools In France


The business school rankings are highly anticipated by French students every year. Several major newspapers publish their own rankings each year, the best known being the Financial Times. In France, Challenge Magazine and the daily Le Figaro also publish their own rankings.

It should be noted that business schools or “business schools” abound in France. The lists published by these rankings serve as a guide for new baccalaureate holders in search of a university course.

These rankings have their practical side at this level because admissions are determined in advance by the nature of the preparatory classes. Indeed, the parallel admission routes only allow the recruitment of graduates:

  • – From an ECS class for the scientific option.
  • – From an ECE preparatory class for the economic option.
  • – And finally, an ECT preparatory class for the technological option.

The choice of business schools must be made prior to the baccalaureate, as early as high school.

Magazines and newspapers categorize these institutes according to evaluation criteria. This is done mainly according to the diplomas delivered, such as the Master’s degree.

The quality of the research, the international reputation, the faculty, but also the professional support are other ranking criteria. This list is not exhaustive.

In this article, let’s zoom in on the 3 best business schools in France: HEC, ESSEC, and ESCP, always at the top of the rankings for more than 10 years, and also called “the group of the three Parisians”.

Top 3 French business schools

HEC (Jouy-en-Josas)

Chambers of Commerce and Industry play a major role in the world of business, both in practice and in theory. It is in this perspective that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris-Ile-de-France region (CCI Paris-Ile-de-France) supports the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales of the same city. This is done both in terms of management and financing. The HEC, HEC Paris, and HEC School of Management form a group, a public school. It was created in 1881 and got public recognition afterward.

For the economic and commercial preparatory classes, entry is by competitive examination. The selection made by the HEC Group allows students to follow a curriculum leading to several diplomas, including :

  • – The Master of Science degree.
  • – The Master of Business Administration or MBA.
  • – Doctorate and Certified Professional Education (CESA), Its name refers to its location. It is currently located on the Jouy-en-Josas campus, following the inauguration by Charles de Gaulle. However, its original location was on Tocqueville in Paris before 1964.

ESSEC (Cergy-Pontoise)

“For nearly 10 years now, ESSEC has been expanding significantly,” explains Alexandre Ponthier, Associate Professor at ESSEC, a former student at ESSEC, and founder of the online training institute Doublez Vos Ventes. The school has established itself in Singapore and Rabat and has signed double degree agreements with prestigious foreign universities. Showing great political skill and having mobilized its large network of alumni, ESSEC was able to raise funds that allowed a major expansion of the school’s premises. This has made ESSEC one of the most attractive campuses among the French grandes écoles.

The school is also under the supervision of the Paris-Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce since 1981. ESSEC in Cergy-Pontoise offers a curriculum called “Grande Ecole”, which leads to a Master’s degree. In addition, the school offers the following diplomas:

  •  The “BBA” or Bachelor in Business Administration.
  •  The “MBA”, is a degree in business administration.
  •  Specialized master’s degrees.

ESCP (Paris)

This school is recognized for its reputation as the dean of business schools.

ESCP Business School brings together students from various disciplines. Indeed, their fields of expertise range from economics to social sciences and management.

Several fields of study, including :

  • Law
  • Finance
  • HRM
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Cultural management