Studying in Japan: The Complete Guide For International Students


Japan is one of the most advanced countries in education. In fact, many Japanese universities are at the top of the world’s ranking. As a result, many international students have made the choice to study in Japan. Here is our ultimate guide for international students who plan to study in Japan.

What you should know before studying in Japan

The very first thing to do when researching a country where you plan to study is to find out about the education provided in that country. The quality and excellence (and rigor!) of the Japanese educational system are well known. But to give you more details, you can consult our guide on the higher education system in Japan.

Also, check out the list of the best majors to study in Japan.

Also, if you are planning to continue your studies in Japan and get a postgraduate degree, we have published a guide on master’s studies in Japan.

Finally, if your intention is to go to Japan to study language, we commonly have a guide on how to learn Japanese in Japan.

Therefore, no matter which university, college, or other institution of higher learning you decide to enroll in, you will be sure to get an internationally recognized degree. In other words, studying in Japan will open up many exciting career opportunities for you, no matter where you choose to live after graduation.

To help you choose an institution, you can already take a look at our ranking of the best universities in Japan.

What courses should I take at Japanese universities?

Once you’ve compiled a list of universities you’d like to apply to, the next step is to check if the major you want to study in Japan is available at these institutions. If you are still unsure of what you want to learn, we have compiled some of the best study programs in Japan for foreigners here.

How to enter a university in Japan?

Now that you have chosen your university and your field of study, the next step is the administrative formalities. As a foreign student, obtaining a visa is certainly one of your main concerns. But before you even think about the visa, the first step is to be admitted to the university of your choice.

We recommend that you choose up to three institutions. You can then apply to all of them to increase your chances of getting into at least one university. To guide you through the process, you can read our article on how to apply to Japanese universities.

If you meet all the entry requirements, you will most likely receive a letter of acceptance. This letter is essential for the next step, which is the application for a student visa. Obtaining a visa for Japan as an international student is slightly different than for any other country. We advise you to read carefully our guide on a student visa in Japan. It will save you some trouble!

Studying in Japan: Scholarships and Financial Aid

As an international student, you are probably considering a developed country as your study destination. However, like most other international students, you are probably wondering about your chances of getting a scholarship. Not to mention how to find housing and pay for your studies.

To help you sort it out, here’s a summary of the cost of studying and living for students in Japan. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of tuition fees for Japanese universities. You will commonly find basic student living expenses such as housing, food, transportation, etc.

Also, financial aid for studying in a foreign country is always welcome! And it just so happens that we have listed together the best scholarships you can apply for in Japan to help fund your studies. Be sure to check it out and apply if you are eligible.

In addition, there is a second option which is to work part-time. This will allow you to finance your studies and the cost of living in Japan. International students in the country are allowed to study but under certain conditions. You can read more about this in our guide: “Working and studying in Japan“.


Now that you have your visa and plane ticket to Japan, the last thing you need to do to be fully prepared is to familiarize yourself with the customs of the country. This will allow you to experience firsthand what Japan has to provide in terms of cultural richness. All of this will contribute to making your study in Japan an unforgettable experience. And this time again, we’ll accompany you with our article on the culture and traditions of Japan.

Whatever concerns you may have, our team has prepared a series of articles with all the information you need to study in Japan. You are sure to have a memorable experience in one of the best countries in the world. All you need to do is carefully read the guides that we have put together in this article.