Testimonials of Foreign Students on Studying in South Korea


If you are hesitating to study abroad, especially in South Korea, the testimonies of students who have made this choice can help you make the right decision.

And if you have already made up your mind, this can only strengthen your decision. Thus, you will find below the testimonies of students from different countries who have gone to study in South Korea.

Testimony of Alison Brie, a student from Ireland tells :

How do trees grow? Trees can grow if they are maintained with water and good care. I was like a seed when I came to Korea. Initially, when I decided to study abroad, I wanted to go to the U.S. with a scholarship program.

I started but research, but I knew that they only accept 40% of scholarship applications. So I decided to give up that dream and study at the local university in my country, Ireland.

Afterward, I heard about the scholarships offered by the Korean government, and the dream of studying abroad came back to me. This time, I had to either take the chance or give up my dream forever, so I took the plunge.

I quickly made my way to Korea, arriving in February 2011. Little by little, I began to adapt to the climate, the food, and other things that are a little different from my home country.

At first, I was afraid that I wouldn’t know the Korean language, but I managed to master it completely in six months! The specialty that I maintained in South Korea was political science.

So, with the help of my colleagues and teachers, I began to adapt to my studies as well.

Outside of study, I maintained time for other activities, such as going out with friends, but also engaging in volunteer work. Very importantly, the Korean respect for religious rites allowed me to practice my prayers without any restrictions.

So I traveled to South Korea, the farthest country from my home country and from my imagination! And then I was able to get out, meet people of all races and ethnicities and gain life experience.

I only have one year left to graduate from college, so I will miss South Korea with all its rituals and memories that I would like to bring back home. One day, I will definitely return to my country.

George Peterson’s Testimony

Inha University student George Peterson shares his experience:

Cleanliness is a form of faith. I have always believed that everyone should keep the places around them clean and beautiful. I maintained a practical experience of this during my stay at Gumsansa Temple.

This program was prepared by the university. We must have passed one night and two days in the temple. During those two days, we talked to the monk and cleaned the place ourselves. Indeed, I appreciated their interest in extreme hygiene.

While we drank food and tea, the monk taught us how to control our appetite, because we have to be careful not to fill our stomachs with too much food.

And then it allows us to think about the poor who can’t find food. In fact, you will not feel that the customs and traditions of Korean society are different from ours. On the contrary, they are very similar.

Greg Oden’s testimony
Finally, here is what Greg Oden of Seoul National University has to say:

Hello! I am Greg Oden from Scotland. Indeed, I came to this beautiful country in the center of the Asian continent to study.

In fact, people have many experiences in life from their birth to their death. And, there is no doubt that some difficult experiences can strengthen a person’s personality.

One of the most important experiences I have had in my life is maintaining my education in South Korea. At first, I found it difficult to adapt to the different languages, different societies, etc. And that’s normal!

In the end, attending Seoul National University was a challenging and fun experience! Because I maintained some difficulties before entering and applying to the university.

And then, I managed to make friends with Korean students while discovering this wonderful country without fear or conflict.

The SNU International Students Association (SISA) at Seoul National University plays a major role in integrating the different cultures of students from around the world in South Korea. For example, they organize activities for students such as the “World Food Festival”, “Learning Korean Culture”, “Talent Activities” and many activities during the study period.

So, yes, as I mentioned in the beginning, I found it difficult. But as time went on, I realized that new hardships give us the strength to adapt to new things.

Basically, learning (and having fun) would be a good summary of my experience here. So I am grateful to everyone who has made me happy every day during my studies in South Korea.