The 6 Best Specialties to Study in South Korea


Below are the main specialties that are worth studying in South Korea. In addition, for some majors, we have mentioned the requirements and application deadlines.

Of course, most specialties in South Korea share some basic requirements such as application materials, high school certificate of qualification (or equivalent), as well as English language proficiency (or Korean language in some universities).

Read the following article to learn how to apply for admission and enrollment in South Korean universities.
You can also learn about South Korea’s education system and language of instruction.
Next, you will need to obtain a student visa for South Korea. This article provides you with the steps to take to obtain a student visa for South Korea.

Mechanical Engineering Major in Korea

First, the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from ULSAN University in South Korea is an excellent degree that combines academic and practical studies.

Application Requirements

Application is available for students of any foreign nationality.

However, you must have a high school certificate or equivalent certificate or credential.

You must also have a TOEFL iBT score of 71+. Or 5.5+ on the IELTS. Or obtain a high school diploma in English.

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Application dates

The application deadline for this major ends at the end of November and May of each year.

Electrical Engineering Major in Korea

  • Ulsan University also offers this major.
  • In addition, the submission requirements and deadlines are the same as for the mechanical engineering specialty.

Business Management Major in South Korea

Handong Global University is renowned for this specialty. It basically offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree which is also accredited by the National Board of Education of Mongolia as well as the ACBSP Business Accreditation Council.

Application requirements

  • Application form.
  • General education diploma.
  • Qualifying diplomas obtained by the student.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Letter of motivation.

Application dates

Applications close on March 31 of each year. However, admission results are only announced on July 1.

Civil and Environmental Engineering in South Korea

Kookmin University offers this course. The Civil and Environmental Engineering major include the areas of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, environment as well as transportation.

In addition, this specialty is accredited by the South Korean Engineering Education Accreditation Board (ABEEK).

Information Technology Major in South Korea

Suny University in South Korea offers this program. The program focuses primarily on technological development methods to keep pace with the modern world. This course prepares students to work in government, industry, and academic professions, such as network management and quality assurance.

Admission Requirements

Students must present an honors degree in one of the following areas: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Applied Sciences as well Environmental Sciences.

Application dates

Applications begin in March each year.

Medical Science Major in South Korea

The top medical science degree in South Korea is from Seoul National University. This university ranks 48th among medical universities in the world. Moreover, it is the first among South Korean universities.

In addition, there is Pusan National University in South Korea, which ranks among the top 10 universities in South Korea and also ranks among the top 401-500 universities in the world.

Architecture Studies in South Korea

Architecture is one of the most popular disciplines for foreign students in Korea. This is because it offers graduates many job opportunities in the Korean and international job markets.

Korea is also the ideal place if you are looking for an architecture program that focuses on sustainability and promoting environmentally friendly practices. Finally, after engineering, South Korea is also home to the best universities for architectural studies.

Some of the best universities where you can major in architecture in Korea include Seoul National University, Korea University, Kangwon National University, and Yonsei University, to name a few.

Seoul National University has been teaching a program in this area since later than the institution’s inception. The program is mainly focused on art, cultural education, technology, and the structure surrounding architecture. The university also offers a master’s program in urban administration, aimed at the continuing education of high-level professionals and government officials.

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