The Cheapest Universities In The UK


The cost of studies in the UK is very high. Especially in the city of London, where the most important universities in the world are located. As a student, you may be wondering about the cheapest universities in the UK.

Don’t worry, here we will provide you with the list of the cheapest universities in the UK, according to the UK Tuition Fees Survey.

The cheapest universities in the UK

Leeds Beckett University

The university is located in Leeds, about 3 hours by train from London. The university welcomes more than 32,000 students every year.

The university offers a variety of courses to students from six faculties: the Carnegie School of Sport and Education, the School of Arts and Society, the School of Business and Law, the Northern School of Innovation, and the School of Health and Leslie Silver College.

The annual cost of studies is approximately £9,700. This university offers tuition costs that are the cheapest in the UK.

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Royal Agricultural University

This university ranks third on the list of the cheapest British universities. The cost of studies for a full year at the Royal Agricultural University is £10,000.

Moreover, it was founded in 1845. The university is the oldest English agricultural university in the UK.

York St John University

Founded in 1841, it is one of the oldest universities in York. The University enrolls over 6,000 students each year. Most of its graduates get a job immediately after graduation.

The cost of studies at the university is approximately £10,000. Also, the programs offered by the university vary in the following areas: arts, literature, economics, health, science, and others.

The University of Suffolk

Suffolk University is one of the newest universities in the United Kingdom. It opened its doors in 2007. As a result, the university has over 5000 students each year and annual tuition costs £10,080.

In addition, the University of Suffolk has two faculties: the College of Arts, Economics and Applied Social Sciences and the School of Health, Science and Technology.

University of Chester

The University of Chester has been in existence since 1839. More than 19,000 students of various nationalities attend this university. All in all, the university is located in Chester, one of the most beautiful British cities. In addition, the university offers various programs in seven colleges:

First, the Faculty of Humanities. Then the Faculty of Economics and Management. Then the Faculty of Education and Childhood Sciences. The Faculty of Health. The Faculty of Medicine. In addition, the Faculty of Life Sciences and Life Sciences. And finally, the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The cost to study a program at this university for one year is             £ 10,500.

University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is located in the northwest of the United Kingdom. It is one of the newest universities in the country. Established in 2007, the cost of one academic year is estimated at £10,500.

Finally, the university offers a wide range of specialties. These include economics, health, arts, education, and sport, as well as other specialties to suit the needs of all students.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Every year, Glasgow Caledonian University welcomes about 20,000 students from different countries around the world. Basically, it was founded in 1993 and is located in Scotland.

Likewise, the University has three faculties:

The first is the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. The second is the Faculty of Engineering, Environment, and Construction. Finally, the Faculty of Economics, Media and Design.