Top Secret: India Supremacy


If India is known beyond yoga, curry, and Bollywood to be today a great power, an economical giant (of the world since it is the third economic mass of the world by its GDP expressed in purchasing power parity, before Japan and Germany. ) and cultural giant, with several cutting-edge industries such as information and technology, textiles, agribusiness, computer and telecommunication services, manufacturing, and with a population of 1.2 billion, it is now a demographic giant. many experts are convinced that India will be the economic force of the future, dethroning China and the United States from the podium.
but the world doesn’t realize that Soon he will be speaking Hindi.

Rishi Sunak

he is in a way the CEO of one of the greatest world powers, the former monarchy of Europe, and the former colonizer of great India The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the head of the government of the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister advises the Sovereign on the exercise of much of the Royal Prerogative, Head of Government, and Member of Cabinet- Privy Council – British–Irish Council- National Security Council

Indian chief executive officers have conquered the world. If you are looking for a prestigious grandpa, he is your man.
The term “CEO” (chief executive officer) is the shortened form of chief executive officer. Indian CEOs have conquered the world because they have the right strategic acumen, business vision, and excellent management skills.

There has been a trend of chief executive officers embodying their culture in the boardroom. A success story is an Indian CEO who has the courage to be himself, embrace his heritage, and build strong bonds with his colleagues by celebrating everything that makes him unique.
In the following stages of this article, you will discover some of those by whom India conquered the world at the expense of the USA and China.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai 

Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai and came to the United States as an immigrant, seeking a better life. He found success at his first job at GTE Data Systems, which eventually became part of Verizon. After working for various small businesses, Sundar co-founded Google Inc., with Sergey Brin, one of his Ph.D. classmates from Stanford University. As the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., he led the development of new smartphone operating systems and became known for his idea of Android, which powered its most recent version: KitKat 4.4.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

For more than 25 years, Satya Nadella has been Microsoft’s chief executive officer. Before that, he was a software developer at Microsoft and led development teams in various other roles held by the company. His career with the company spanned more than two decades, including working in multiple countries and as Ceo of its Cloud and Enterprise Business organizations.
As Microsoft’s Ceo, Satya Nadella has actively worked to transform Redmond into a more responsive organization and emphasize the role of cloud technologies and mobile devices in business.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen

Shantanu Narayen, the Ceo of Adobe Systems, is a leader in technology and innovation. Shantanu Narayen was born in Mumbai, India. At age 16, he moved to California and attended college at the University of California at Berkeley. He started his career with Google later becoming its first Indian-born employee. Shantanu Narayen is also known as “The Adjunct Guy” for his pro bono advisory services on how technology can transform other schools’ learning environments through an integrated approach to teaching and learning.
Shantanu Narayen becomes the Ceo and president of Adobe Systems and one of the most recognizable voices in the business world. Shantanu has a deep understanding of both the corporate and global markets he operates in, as well as a passion for innovating and building long-term sustainable value.

Twitter CEO  Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Parag grew up in Silicon Valley and after finishing his MBA, he founded and sold three companies. After tech bubbles burst, he became a serial entrepreneur building companies focused on mobile user engagement. He sold his first company to Yahoo! for $30 million before founding Cytro Biotechnologies which was later acquired by Hoffman-La Roche.
Parag Agrawal is a serial entrepreneur and founder of OLA, a ride-sharing service operating in India since 2010. In 2012, Ola was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the best companies in the world to work for, and Fortune magazine named him one of its Asia’s 40 Under 40 class of 2015.
He has been the Ceo of Twitter since November 29, 2021.

Master card CEO Ajay Banga

Ajay Banga became the CEO of MasterCard in 2016, after spending some time as the executive vice president of global business at Mastercard. Ajay joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was chief marketing officer. Before that, he was vice president and managing director at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
Ajay Banga is the CEO and President of MasterCard, where he leads a global organization that serves 2 billion businesses and consumers worldwide each year.

Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo, the world’s leading food and beverage company. She is responsible for all business units that fall under the company’s overall business goals, including global brands such as Frito Lay, Quaker, Tropicana, and Gatorade.
Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo. She assumed the role in October 2006, after serving as the company’s president and COO since January 2001. Prior to this position, she ran the Americas division of Procter & Gamble, a position she held since May 1998. Since her appointment as CEO, Dr. Nooyi has helped transform numerous brands at PepsiCo, including Tropicana, Quaker Oats, and Gatorade, while adding Dunkin’ Donuts and other beverage companies to its portfolio.
Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo and served as a chief executive officer from 2002 to 2016. She became the first woman in American history to lead an S&P 100 Index company as Nooyi stepped down in March 2016.
Since 2017 she works as an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters at Yale University, and Cranfield University.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna

The son of an Indian immigrant, Arvind Krishna has long been committed to the American dream. His journey from working for a company in India to becoming CEO of IBM began with his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from a small university in nearby Calcutta. Five years later, Arvind went on to graduate from Princeton University with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. After college, he started working at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California. Four years later, he moved back to India to accept a position at Pune-based Syntel’s software business unit as vice president of its SDLC Solutions Division. He was instrumental in building the business into one that consistently achieves financial results above all expectations driven by innovative ideas and effective process automation.
Arvind Krishna is the CEO of IBM. As a company, IBM has been at the forefront of innovation and growth. Arvind was brought to the United States to head up a new unit that would reshape the way business is done with technology.

Albertsons CEO Vivek Sankaran 

Vivek Sankaran Arvind Krishna, who became the CEO of ALBERTSONS in the US, is a capable and innovative entrepreneur. He had graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he studied Engineering. He had also spent around 4 years working for companies such as Quanta Computer and Apple before returning to India to start ALBERTSONS.
Vivek Sankaran Arvind Krishna has set the standards in online marketing through his great passion for business. He has successfully built several businesses and is passionate about pursuing new opportunities. His exposure to various industries, such as IT/BPO, e-commerce/B2C, and finance has helped him develop his expertise in all these areas.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra

Sanjay Mehrotra was born in New Delhi and attended St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. He joined Maytas Technologies in 1998 as Executive Director and continued in the role for two years before moving to Texas Instruments Incorporated, where he worked for five years, eventually becoming President of Asia Pacific and Latin America Operations. After being recruited by Micron Technology in 2011, Sanjay Mehrotra became the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in January 2015.

Netapp CEO George Kurian 

George Kurian is the CEO of Netapp. He has over 30 years of experience in technology and moved to the United States to work at Netapp and later became the Ceo of the company.
He came to the USA from India in 1985 and started his career as a Computer Operator at IBM. He worked in various companies like Western Digital, Oracle, Autodesk, Cisco, and Amazon. In 2000, he joined NCR Corporation where he headed the Retail team until 2002.
George Kurian is the Principal, Global Sales at NETAPP. George has over 20 years of sales, marketing, and business development experience. He has worked in various industries including oil and gas where he lived in Houston, Texas, and New York City.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri

Rajeev Suri is the CEO of Nokia and one of the most well-known tech executives in the world. He has taken over a struggling global brand and turned it into one of the most recognizable tech companies in the world.
Nokia’s transformation into the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world has been driven by Rajeev Suri’s leadership. An engineer and entrepreneur, he has transformed Nokia from an ailing company into one of the world’s most successful businesses.
Rajeev Suri is the Ceo of Nokia and one of the most well-known tech executives in the world. He has taken over a struggling global brand and turned it into one of the most recognizable tech companies in the world.

Palo Alto CEO Nikesh Arora

After graduating from Stanford Business School, Nikesh Arora began his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He then worked for Google Inc. before becoming the CEO of Infosys Ltd, one of India’s leading IT firms. Arora is currently in charge of Jefferies International Limited, a multinational investment bank.

Nikesh Arora is a Technology leader and entrepreneur, President & CEO of Alma Enterprises, and Board Advisor at Digital Garage. At Palo Alto Networks, he is responsible for maintaining the company’s standing in the industry as a pioneer in security innovation. Under his leadership, the company has grown threefold to over $1 billion in annual revenues. He is an active angel investor and a mentor to entrepreneurs who aspire to achieve disruptive success.

Arista CEO Jayshree Ullal

Jayshree Ullal has been the CEO of Arista since 2011. She was born in India and immigrated to the United States as a teenager and spent 15 years living in Palatine, Illinois. She then moved to the Silicon Valley area and became a senior software engineer with EDS before founding Arista Networks.

She is the founder and CEO of Arista Networks, a Silicon Valley-based nanosatellite venture builder specializing in developing and deploying low-budget nanosatellites that meet customers’ exact needs.

She graduated from the University of Pune after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working as a Division General Manager with Arista Networks in Mumbai, India.

Novartis CEO Vasant Narasimhan

Vasant Narasimhan is our current Ceo and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. His career includes research, science, and medical management at several companies before he joined Novartis full-time in 2005. Vasant’s leadership has played a key role in transforming NOVARTIS into a growth company, with significant profit growth and shareholder value creation over the past decade, which as of May 2019 has returned more than 300% to investors through dividends and share buybacks. Under his leadership, Novartis’ operations are now focused on three pillars: Healthcare Services (Global Generics), Consumer Health (Excellence in Antibiotics), and Oncology (Worldwide Genetically Modified).

FedEx Corporation CEO

This presentation explains how Raj Subramaniam came to the USA and became the CEO of FEDEX. He recounts his years at FedEx, which include his three-decade tenure at the company, where he helped grow the business from a $1 billion company to an international corporation with annual revenue of over $100 billion.
Raj Subramaniam was born in India and started his life as a male engineer in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Subramaniam then formed the company EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in 1972, which later evolved into FEDEX. Mr. Subramianuim was one of the largest investors in CNBC’s parent company GE when he sold it to General Electric in 1998. In 2001, Mr. Subramaniam became Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and led the organization until 2010.”
Raj Subramaniam, who became the CEO of FedEx in 1999, has had a long and successful career within the logistics industry