Top 10 Tips For Foreign Students in Germany


If you are an international student who has never visited Germany before, you may find it difficult to adjust to life there. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tips for international students in Germany.

10 Tips for Studying in Germany

Extra Courses

Many teaching assistants organize extra classes outside of the classroom. These sessions are normally a repeat of what was said in class. Therefore, these classes will help you understand the lessons better and therefore get a better grade.

Learn the language

One of our best pieces of advice to foreign students in Germany is to learn the German language.

Depending on the program, you will have to learn German provided you are not in an English-language program. In many cases, instruction is given in German and you will be required to know the language. However, you may be able to communicate with other members of the community in English. However, you should be prepared for the fact that some people may not want to speak any language other than their own.

Getting Around

Most German cities have good public transportation, which can save students a lot of time.

When you apply to a German university, you will receive a ticket that allows you to go anywhere you want in the state for an entire semester.

What you may need

Depending on where you live, you may be surprised at how many stores only accept cash. Therefore, it is advisable to have plenty of cash on you to explore the city. Also please be sure to shop on weekdays or Saturdays, as many stores, including grocery stores, are normally closed on Sundays.

In conclusion, do not shop on Sundays, and always be prepared to pay in cash.

Travel as much as you can

Take advantage of bus and train lines as well as airlines. You can travel cheaply with low-cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet. Trains are often a little more expensive, especially if you are traveling far away. You can travel all over Europe by bus or train and go on an adventure in another country hundreds of miles away (depending on where you live in Germany).

Speaking the language

The German language may seem difficult at first, but it’s best to master it. In fact, you can improve your German skills by participating in simple everyday conversations. For example, ordering a coffee in a bar or talking to employees in a store.

Change your phone settings to German

This tip will help you a lot. You will be able to read the news of the day in German and learn new words. It will also be very useful if you have decided to learn German. And most importantly, it will allow you to access the special characters on your keyboard.

Be adventurous

At first, most students may have a hard time adjusting. However, we encourage you to take every opportunity to experience new things. Try to talk to people in the class, be social, and use your free time to explore the country.

Buy locally

There are many different supermarkets in Germany that sell cheap food, such as Lidl, Aldi, and Netto. You may prefer these stores to more expensive ones. But you can also go to farmers’ markets, where you can find fresh products at a better price. We advise you to watch for sales and offers in the stores and to buy your necessities in batches.

You should also know that as a student in Germany, you will receive student discounts at cafes, restaurants, cinemas, libraries, and museums as soon as you have your student card.

Manage your social activities wisely

Finally, in our top 10 list of tips for international students in Germany, we recommend spending wisely on your social activities. Your quality of life in Germany depends on the social activities you participate in. However, instead of spending a lot of money on group outings, you can invite your friends over for a home-cooked meal. You will not only save some cash but also make new local and international friends. And of course, fit your social activities into your budget.