Top 5 Specialties to Study in Japan


Want to study in Japan, but not sure what specialties are available? Or maybe you are considering working in Japan after graduating from one of its prestigious universities? In either case, this article gives you an idea of all the specialties available as well as the best specialties to study in Japan for those who want to work there after graduation.

First of all, we hope that our article on the education system in Japan has been helpful to you. In this article, we have highlighted the higher education system in the country, the number of universities, and the years of study for each specialty. This article serves as a background for the topic we will discuss here.

Why choose Japan to study?

There is no doubt that the number of international students in Japan continues to grow. This is due to its unique culture and the sense of safety and security that the country provides. In addition, Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world.

Education is also focused on eradicating illiteracy. In addition, education in Japan now leads to international success. And finally, it offers incredible opportunities for international students who want to study in Japan.

What studies to do in Japan?

There are undergraduate and graduate degrees in almost every field of study in Japan. There are also specialized universities that allow you to obtain both a master’s degree and a doctorate.

Japan also operates graduate schools that allow you to study all kinds of subjects. In addition, there are many technical schools and vocational training institutions where you can study even without a high school diploma. In addition, these institutions offer students several job opportunities upon completion of their studies.

In addition, international students have the opportunity to enroll in public and private universities. You are also allowed to study the specialty of your choice without any restrictions.

Study in Japan: Top 5 specialties to study


Engineering is one of the best specialties to study in Japan if you plan to work there after graduation.

Many Japanese companies are looking for qualified and innovative engineers who speak both Japanese and English.

In addition, knowing Japan’s technological advancement, you will be able to find well-paying jobs at well-known companies such as Toyota, Sony, or Nintendo.

In addition to robotics and computer engineering, Japan is also a pioneer in earthquake engineering. This is obviously because the country is prone to many earthquakes. Therefore, engineers started to design safer cities and tried to limit the damage caused by these earthquakes.

To study engineering, we regard the universities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


English teachers in Japan maintain the highest salaries in the world. The highest salaries are for teachers in private schools and universities.

Japan is also a leading country in the teaching of English. As a result, Japan, and Tokyo in particular, offers high-paying jobs for international teachers.

The University of Tokyo is one of the best universities to train a teacher in Japan.

Business and Economy

Japan is an ideal place to study business and economics. The country also offers students the opportunity to do postgraduate studies in business management.

Students who have completed their postgraduate studies in Japan are also more likely to find employment in the country. In fact, many Japanese companies welcome the hiring of international students, especially those who are familiar with Japanese culture.

Information Technology

Japan has a long history of technology and innovation. As one of the world’s top spenders on technology research and development, Japan has given much to the world. It’s no surprise, then, that courses in the fields of information technology and computer science are among the most in demand in Japan.

If you choose to study information technology in Japan, you will be trained to repair, install, build, and test hardware and software components associated with complex systems. In addition, an education in this field will open doors to many technology companies in Japan and around the world. You will never be short of a job, thanks to the quality of education you will receive if you study in Japan.

The Japanese Language

What better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in the culture of the country where that language is spoken? That’s what you’ll get if you decide to study the Japanese language in Japan – which happens to be one of the most popular courses of study for international students in the country.

Not only will learning Japanese help you better understand Japanese business and social etiquette, but it can also be very useful to you in whatever field you work in the country.