US Scholarships For International Students


In this article, we will talk about scholarships in American universities and how to get them.

Certainly, most universities in the United States not only provide financial support to international students but also offer scholarships based on academic excellence, which can be partially or fully funded.

You can request and learn more about this through the Financial Aid link of the targeted university.

U.S. academic scholarships are divided into three main sections

  • First, scholarships are offered by the US government.
  • Second, scholarships and non-governmental organizations
  • And last but not least, scholarships are offered by the educational institution itself (university or institute).

U.S. Government Scholarships

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

A well-known scholarship offered by the U.S. government to students from outside the United States who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies.

This award covers studying fees, airfare, books, living expenses, and health insurance.

Learn more about the Fulbright International Student Program

Hubert Humphrey Scholarship Program

This scholarship does not include undergraduate or graduate study, it includes only academic study of 10 months to one year in duration.

The selection criteria for this scholarship are based on the student’s excellence in leadership and community service. This scholarship covers all expenses.

Find out more about the Hubert Humphrey Scholarship Program

Non-Governmental Organizations and Institutions

Scholarships Rotary Peace Fellowship

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is one of several scholarships available in the United States for graduate students who wish to complete their master’s degree and study at one of Rotary’s affiliated universities.

Learn more about the Rotary Peace Fellowship.

Aga Khan Foundation International Fellowship

The Aga Khan Foundation International Peace Fellowship is a scholarship for selected countries, including some African countries. In addition, it includes a variety of graduate programs.

This is the website for the Aga Khan Foundation International Fellowship.

The Next Gen Scholarship Fund

The evidence is that the most important requirement to be enrolled in this scholarship is a minimum GPA of 3.0 (GPA 3.0). This is evidenced by calculating your grades during your undergraduate studies. This is evidence that this system is followed by institutions that operate on an accredited schedule.

Learn more about the Next Gen Scholarship Fund

Scholarships from the educational  institution: University or Institute

Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University, ranked among the top universities in the world, offers fully funded scholarships to international students.

We don’t need to talk about how students compete for this scholarship. That said, be prepared for it and make sure you meet its requirements before applying.

Apply for Harvard University Scholarships.

Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships

These scholarships at the United States University are awarded in a variety of fields and programs of study. It requires academic excellence, in addition to achieving a cumulative score of at least 3.

More details on Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships

Illinois State University International Awards

At this university, international students do not have all the scholarships as American students. Some programs and scholarships remain open to international students.

Learn more about the Illinois State University International Awards

Emory University Scholarship Program

This scholarship also from Emory University in the United States is a great help for international students with financial needs.

Learn more About the Emory University

How do I submit a request for a scholarship in the United States?

Obviously, the method of requesting a scholarship in the United States is not much different from the method of requesting any regular studying.

Simply remind yourself of the conditions that most scholarships have in common:

♦ The GPA is no lower than 3.0 (GPA 3.0) out of 4.
♦ A good resume.
♦ As mentioned above, you must have passed the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency test according to the university’s requirements. ♦ In addition, some universities may request a certain minimum score on this test.
♦ In evidence, you must take the GMAT or GRE test, which you need to apply to business, economics, and similar schools. Again, some people recommend the GRE test because it is easier than the GMAT test.
♦ Letter of recommendation. However, these can vary from one letter to 3 letters depending on the university.
♦ Your previous studying certificates.
♦ Your community, leadership, and volunteer work weigh on your chances of applying.
♦ Similarly, your skills and experience are also valuable opportunities, especially if you are an athlete or have a special talent.

Now we hope you know more about the most outstanding scholarships in the United States.