What Are The Decorating Trends To Follow This Christmas?


Between a festive decoration with whimsical accents conducive to childhood memories and an atmosphere of assertive simplicity, lulled by a palette of delicate whites and more handcrafted objects, this Christmas declines contradictory but always enchanting trends. Let’s decipher.

sapin de noel dans salon blanc et vert

A white Christmas for a magical atmosphere

déco de Noël blanche

Nothing but white for Christmas! The tone is set. And there is only to leaf through the online catalogs of this Christmas of the biggest brands, too many models are available to confirm this major trend.

White Christmas table, snowy Christmas tree, big white star, white gift wrapping… This shade with fairy accents is declined in the smallest details. Any explanation for this deep and almost sudden crush on this ethereal shade? Many of us want (need?) to reconnect with the enchantment and authenticity of Christmas. The presence of white reinforces this feeling of return to childhood, to its fairy tales always lulled by snowy landscapes, this naive and sometimes necessary purity in these last weeks of the end of the year. Distilled to the four corners of the living room for Christmas, this palette of white accompanied by soft beige comes to comfort this passage from one year to another.

A whimsical Christmas decoration to reconnect with childhood.

guirlande lumineuse en led noel

If traditions are always popular during the end of the year celebrations, it seems that this time they must share their reign with a decoration a little more original, much more childish, even downright offbeat! Colorful Christmas ornaments, Scandinavian folklore inspired or completely bohemian, little men and animals to display on windowsills or mantelpieces, in the company of this multitude of whimsical decorations, the living room is transformed for the holidays into a playground for childhood memories.

It’s a time to search for a lost sense of wonder, the possibility of rediscovering the lost paradise of youth. Last year’s Christmas already gave us a glimpse of this desire to reconnect with the most kitschy pieces of our childish Christmas panoply, in its maze of novelties, not to say “cuteness”, this Christmas seems to be telling us with malice “go ahead, anything goes!

The essential garlands and candles for Christmas

guirlande lumineuse en led noel
What would the holidays be without their traditional armada of candles, candle holders, candlesticks, and string lights? Answer: half a party! And yes, these little lights, which are increasingly available in all shapes and materials, have become indispensable to reinforce the atmosphere on the festive table as well as in the heart of the living room.
This year again, they are likely to play the indispensable stars and replace electric garlands and other plug-in lanterns. Retro candlesticks, the latest Christmas candles, and LED garlands hanging on the tree or placed in vases or coffee mugs for more originality have more than ever an obvious role to play. A candlelit Christmas dinner when electricity prices are skyrocketing is an ideal solution to decorate and pay attention to your bill as well. Also, instead of investing in outdoor Christmas decorations at all costs, this Christmas will be the opportunity to prefer candles and LED lights placed on windowsills and stoops.

A Christmas table with raw and natural materials

table de Noël

For some people, Christmas is a time to get away from the daily grind. For others, it’s a time to share the values we hold dear. That’s why, once again this year, the festive table and other areas of the house will be able to display antique pieces and natural elements stolen – with respect to nature, of course – to create a unique, made-to-measure décor.
Stoneware candle holders, wooden table mats, linen tablecloths, paper mache Christmas baubles, beautiful blown glasses… All these different pieces with a handcrafted look will be particularly suitable to create a festive decor where simplicity, naturalness, and poetry will hold the attention of the guests… and who knows, maybe give them the desire to indulge in a more conscientious lifestyle.

A traditional Christmas in red and green with an English accent

déco de noel rouge et verte au salon

Traditional red and green Christmas fans have not forfeited this year. Rest assured, in the timeless category of authentic festivities, the classic and deep green and red duo continues to make its show, from the tree to the festive table. But there’s a twist: the pairing borrows more than ever from the charismatic and comforting depth of English decor.
A Christmas in red and green, yes, but with more distinguished manners than kitsch. So British par excellence, these naturally wintry shades are invited by the presence of tartan prints and velvet by interfering as much with the decoration specific to the holidays as that inherent to the comfort of the living room. The key accessories of the winter season such as plaids, cushions, and candles also have the mission of reinforcing the cozy atmosphere of Christmas.

More eco-responsible Christmas celebrations than ever

emballage cadeaux Furoshiki

For this Christmas, if a sense of festivity is required, a sense of eco-responsibility is strongly advised. For several years now, Christmas decorations have also been affirming their eco-friendliness by deftly displaying a desire for authenticity and a desire to consume better. Paper napkins, cardboard plates, gift wraps, and other ephemeral accessories are disappearing from tables and holiday decorations in favor of more durable and carefully selected accessories.
Trade in your tree for a chimney corner revisited by a few branches of holly or an elegant bouquet of eucalyptus accompanied by a few Christmas ornaments. On the table, use old vases or bottles to hold candles and create beautiful homemade candleholders. Forget the stemmed glasses and plastic dishes, steal your grandmother’s dishes or take advantage of this Christmas gift by adopting ceramic plates or wicker placemats that you can reuse for other special occasions. Avoid mountains of gift wrap by practicing the art of Furoshiki, the Japanese technique of using unused fabric to wrap Christmas gifts. In short: think green tips for a Christmas that is as green as it is economical!

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