When Can You Really Start Decorating Your Home for Christmas?


With November just around the corner, a question is on everyone’s mind: when should we start decorating our homes for Christmas? To answer this question, here is a list of different customs and traditions, to be respected or not.
Although December has not yet begun, the Christmas fervor is growing more intense every week. With shorter days, plummeting temperatures, Christmas windows unveiled, and Christmas movies invading the screens, there is no doubt: the holidays are upon us. Even the most reluctant may not like it. But what is the best time to put up your Christmas decorations? Here’s an overview of all the options.

Quand commencer à décorer sa maison pour Noël ?

When should you put up your Christmas decorations?

Although there are several opposing camps regarding the official start of the festivities, the plethora of beliefs and traditions can offer some insight. In the United States, it is customary to wait until after Thanksgiving, celebrated on the third Thursday in November (November 24). The most popular date to put up your Christmas tree and decorations is Advent Sunday, the fourth Sunday before Christmas (November 27). In the Orthodox tradition, especially in the Nordic countries, the Christmas tree is put up just in time to celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day on December 6.

Between impatience and tradition

If some people prefer to start decorating the house for Christmas from December 1st, coinciding with the opening of the first window of the Advent calendar, others wait until December 13th (12 days before Christmas) or even until December 21st (day of the winter solstice). On the other hand, those who consider these dates too premature wait until the last moment, sometimes starting the decoration on Christmas Eve.

The holiday spirit

On the other hand, the most childlike souls summon the holiday spirit the day after Halloween, with Mariah Carey at the top of the list. A study conducted by the English psychoanalyst Steve McKeown proves them right. According to this study, putting up Christmas decorations a long time in advance would take us back to childhood, resulting in a peak of dopamine, the happiness hormone. Decorating your home to be happy? The theory has a particular resonance with our regular readers.

Christmas accessories

Eventually perceived as a consoling glow tinged with nostalgia in these difficult times, the tree, the lights, the baubles and other Christmas accessories are really just waiting to be installed. All you have to do is choose when.