Which Colors Are Trending for Christmas this Year?


Traditional red and green duo or explosion of sharp tones, sophisticated atmosphere, or more natural, here are 5 trendy colors to adopt for this Christmas.


Although the traditional red and green duo is still the talk of the town this year, bright, whimsical, and uninhibited colors are getting a boost. On the other hand, blue and white are sophisticated tones, ready to add an extra touch of elegance to any decor while the organic palette slowly but surely imposes its irresistible naturalness. What color for this Christmas? What is the color of Christmas this year? Answers in pictures.

Organic colors for a natural Christmas

In the wake of a natural and stylish palette, orange, terracotta, and organic colors are making a flamboyant appearance in our Christmas decor, revising the traditional characteristics of the festivities. Combined with raw materials such as linen, wood, and ceramics, these infinitely warm shades immediately propel the Christmas spirit into a highly contemporary dimension, seductive by definition. For a more singular atmosphere, we add a few touches of bright colors, ensuring a strong dynamism.

Deep blue for this sophisticated Christmas

If blue and its variations are among the most popular colors for a successful Christmas decoration, its charismatic variant, located at the crossroads of navy and midnight blue, imposes its allured physiognomy, redrawing the contours of the festive table. Classic at first glance, it can also reveal deeper and even striking features. Chic without overdoing it, winter blue plays on contrasts with a sharp sense of twist. We like it spiked with white or gold, gray or silver.

Bright colors for a whimsical Christmas

Since Christmas is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your childlike soul, why not let it express itself? The color trend for the holiday season leaves behind the clean lines of previous Christmases, opting instead for an explosion of bold colors. Yellow, red, purple, blue, and green are the main colors of the original decorations (burger baubles, artichokes, or French fries) that keep filling the shelves of stores. The program: a festive decoration, uninhibited and full of humor, which does not leave indifferent.

Shades of white for a chic Christmas

Every year, white is at the top of the list of colors to adopt for Christmas, and this season it’s no exception. An indisputable mark of elegance, both fresh and sophisticated, it has the ability to brighten up the most prominent settings of the moment. With this unerring talent for pairing, white displays its timelessness in every tone of the home. White and gold Christmas decoration for a chic and controlled atmosphere, in a total look version suggesting a minimalism all in accuracy or natural spirit when it is mixed with wooden accessories and branches of fir, white compiles the arguments.

Red and green for traditional Christmas

This Christmas, the traditional red and green duo has not said its last word. Better yet, this flawlessly authentic duo is coming back to the forefront more galvanized than ever. Less kitsch than usual, these two colors stars of the holiday end-of-the-year dress the tree, and tables but also cushions and plaids with a taste for modernity, all in all, unprecedented. Two-tone tiles in a British style or blended into a contemporary Christmas decor, the red and green duo intends to make a name for itself again.

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