Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?



400-year-old gemstone eyeglasses auctioned for several million euros

First, we will skip over the most expensive contemporary eyewear then we will shed light on the 400-year-old eyewear that breaks all records in value.


Frequently, the more lavish glasses adorned with gold, platinum, and precious stones or worn by famous people can fetch huge sums of money. We’ll take a look at the most expensive models, so you’ll know the mystery glasses and their value.

Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?

                                                          © Cartier



                                                            © Cartier

First of all, it is the materials that make the price of a frame go up. One of the most precious of them, gold, remains an expensive but lasting investment. In 2013, Ray-Ban released a version of its cult model, the “Aviator”, in solid 18-carat yellow gold. These glasses with crystal G-15 polarizing lenses designed in a limited edition of 1200 copies were sold at the time at 2800 euros. A sum compared to the traditional Ray-Ban not exceeding 100 euros on average. Much more expensive, Cartier in 18-carat rose gold (and diamonds) can sell for over 20,000 euros at auction.

Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?

                                                        © Bulgari

In addition to gold, platinum can also increase the value of a frame, as in the case of Bentley’s Platinum, which sells online for around 50,000 euros. But the ultimate is a pair of Chopard De Rigo Vision with 60 grams of pure gold (and some stones). There, it is necessary to count 400 000 dollars to offer itself what remains the pair of glasses the most expensive to this day.


Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?

                                            © Roman Emperor Nero

Among the most expensive eyeglasses sold at auction in the world are the Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses. Shiels Jewellers is an Australian jewelry company founded in 1945 this pair inspired by the Roman emperor Nero and adorned with emeralds was estimated at $200,000.

Frames decorated with diamonds frequently reach new heights in terms of their purchase price. At Cartier, vintage models with diamond and sapphire panthers on the temples can fetch up to 150,000 euros. At Bulgari, Chopard, and Gold & Wood, diamond frames can cost between 50,000 euros and 400,000 euros. In this case, the glasses can be considered real jewelry.

Glasses are worn by famous people

Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?

                                                           © John Lennon

They are among the most iconic glasses in the world because they are inseparable from the image of John Lennon. This explains why the round sunglasses that belonged to the former Beatles leader who died in 1980 were sold for 137,500 pounds (165,000 euros). The transaction took place last December during an online auction organized by Sotheby’s, in London. The pair – broken – had been abandoned on the back seat of a car in 1968 before being recovered by a driver of the group.

In 2018, in another register, it was James Joyce’s glasses that were bought for 17,000 euros. It must be said that the writer wore them when he wrote his masterpiece, Ulysses. In 2017, Churchill was sold for 8300 euros at auction, while Claude Monet went for 50,000 dollars the same year.
Finally, a year earlier, some lucky people got their hands on glasses that were worn by Audrey Hepburn,

Why These Glasses Are Worth Millions?

© Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys

Michel Polnareff, and Elton John, in lots estimated at around 200 to 3000 euros at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris. For the record, Elton John is a great collector of glasses (Cazal, Gucci) and he does not travel without a large part of these precious accessories, to which he dedicates an entire room when he stays at the hotel.

Strange 400-year-old gemstone glasses sold at auction for millions of dollars.

Pairs of glasses like no other

Two pairs of glasses adorned with jewels and designed with gemstone glasses. Coming from the Mughal Empire, they would have the alleged power to ward off evil. Their price could reach 3 million dollars.
Two pairs of exceptional glasses are going to be sold in the auction by Sotheby’s in October reports CNN, relayed by Capital. Their price is estimated at several million euros.

Is such a price justified (3 million dollars)?

If we believe the auctioneers, it is obvious: these objects dating from the seventeenth century are not only composed of diamonds and emeralds, but they would have the power “to keep away evil”. By wearing them, one could, moreover, “reach enlightenment”.

Glasses to drive away the evil

Dating from the 17th century, they are encrusted with jewels and composed of diamond and emerald glasses. These glasses would have originally belonged to the royal family of the Mughal Empire, ruling the Indian subcontinent. They have a particularity: designed to allow the wearer to reach enlightenment, they would have the power to ward off evil.