Working While Studying in China


Have you ever thought about working while studying in China? Here’s what you need to know about student jobs in China.

It is important to know the best universities in China, as well as the cost of education and living. In order to pay for your tuition, you can usually consider working in China while you study.

In this article, we will see how this is possible. Are you ready?

Can international students work in China?

This question is frequently asked by students who come to study in China. Yes, it is indeed possible to work in China as an international student. It is only possible since January 2022.

At that time, students were not allowed to work and study. This explains why the number of foreign students choosing China as a destination was stable at that time. Therefore, the Chinese government dropped this law and allowed students to work part-time or during vacations.

Thus, a new policy issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education now grants foreign students the right to work and study in China. This right allows students who have been studying for more than a year at their university to work on and off campus for up to 8 hours a week.

The monthly limit is then 40 hours. But students can double this limit to 80 hours per month (16 hours per week) during summer and winter breaks.

In order to work, students must obtain approval from their university and the local entry/exit office in the area in which they are studying. In addition, for any change of work location, they must obtain an agreement and a certificate from their institution of higher education. They must then reapply to the office.

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Student job requirements and visa types for working in China

In order to work while studying in China, international students must first obtain insurance to cover their work-study activities. Students who choose to work on campus must work primarily as teaching assistants, scientific research assistants, administrative management assistants, and school utility workers.

Their university must cover the students’ compensation. And the jobs must meet the students’ needs without infringing on their normal study time. Among other requirements, students must:

  • Must be at least 18 years old and meet the physical requirements for the position they are applying for the position for which they are applying.
  • Have a valid residence permit for their studies in studies in China, with a remaining period of stay of more than 6 months remaining.
  • Have studied for more than one year in a Chinese higher education institution.
  • This is valid for undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, or post-graduate levels.
  • Meet the requirements of their school in terms of progress and attendance rate requirements.
  • Other conditions and requirements of the school.

For this, you must have a China study visa type X. There are actually two types of student visas.

The first is the x1 visa, which is granted to students who want to study in China for more than six months.

The second type is the x2 study visa, which is granted to exchange students or those who do not wish to stay in China for more than six months.

Studying and working in China

Finding a job in China is not really that complicated; however, to get a part-time job in China, here are our tips!

Take advantage of the internet

Visiting sites that provide part-time job opportunities is one way to get the right information. Don’t forget to read all the working conditions and find out about the benefits and locations. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to work in a place far from where you live.

Talk to your friends

Ask your friends, especially the Chinese, about job opportunities in the city where you live. This will help you become more familiar with the local market.

Newspapers and the Web

Many newspapers have a special section for job offers, so look for the most appropriate and closest to you. Try online job listings too!

Student Job: Jobs available in China

Language Teacher

Teaching English in China is one of the most important jobs for international students. It is not necessary to have English as a native language, but it can be enough.

There are many opportunities for students in this field, and the work will be either in companies or in training centers.

Voice recording

Of course, this depends on the quality of your English. Your voice can be recorded in commercials or videos. There is a demand for people who speak English.

Don’t forget! Working overtime for students is part of the experience of studying and working in China.

Working in Stores

If you are fluent in English, you have a better chance of working in stores. However, you usually need to be able to speak Chinese to communicate with your customers.


One of the best job opportunities in China is tutoring Chinese students in English.


There are many ways to find job opportunities in China. With China’s booming economy, many students are finding work opportunities in various fields.

For example, students at the Beijing University of Languages and Culture often support international companies. You can search for opportunities online, looking at ads in university cafes or on sites such as those that offer part-time jobs for students.