Your Smartphone Can Recognize Stones: Solutions For Android & iPhone


Between gems such as precious stones and semi-precious stones, minerals, crystals, and rocks, it is not easy to identify the whole family of stones! But don’t panic, we’re here to make it easier for you! Thanks to the use of an application for stones available on mobile in Android or iOS versions, you will quickly become an ace of each stone you will take possession of without using a book or a guide…

Finally the different applications for Android or iOS mobiles to recognize stones

Identify your stones like a true connoisseur

Whether you are a budding mineralogist, a student, a jewelry enthusiast, or a gemstone lover, if you are getting into lithotherapy, if you simply want to estimate the value of a rock or a stone, in just a few clicks, you can identify it from your phone! Indeed, if you like mineral stones and all rocks in general but don’t know anything about them specifically or if you want to improve your current knowledge, know that from now on you have access to easy-to-use apps. They are available on Play Store or App Store.

Recognize your gemstone as an expert in the field

Whether you have an iPhone or another type of Android smartphone, depending on what developers offer, you can easily download free or low-cost apps best suited to your search for gemstones, jewelry minerals, crystals, or rocks. Quartz, apatite, amber, agate, howlite, ruby, and even diamonds such as the Herkimer diamond crystal will have no more secrets for you. No need to bother with books or other materials specific to your research, only a tool like the rock app replaces any gem guide!

Why choose an application to identify your stones?

A large number of applications act as a virtual and fun guide for your stones and crystals (amber, rock crystal, amethyst, onyx…) with voice search, use of notes, photos, and sharing with friends, and even have an offline function. An effective way to inform you with very advanced information! Some apps for smartphones, iPhones, or iPads also offer a complete presentation of gemstones (diamonds, ruby...). You just have to take a picture of your stone or upload images to instantly identify all the stones that interest you! You can organize your own collection of stones on your mobile or tablet… If you practice meditation, you can even get info on your chakras and astrological sign linked to your stones.

Identifying your stones thanks to the genius of some developers

Thanks to the genius of some developers such as Education or Next Vision Limited combined with the technology of the Internet, applications for minerals have become real! Upload images, take a live picture of your jewelry or stone in the field, and from your cell phone, get immediate identification with related information. Gem apps help you to better understand and evaluate them according to their color, size, weight, and properties. The data is concise, fast, and reliable!

Invest with peace of mind

When you find a stone while walking in the wilderness or if you want to buy stones, the photos will help you identify your stone like a true professional! You can even use them to find out about the price of gems. Some gems such as diamonds, rubies, or sapphires can generate exorbitant prices per carat up to thousands of dollars!

Our opinions are among the five best mobile apps: choose yours to identify your stone!

Apps with Play Store (under Android) to recognize stones

  • Mineral Guide (Free app).
  • Gemius: Rock Identifier (Free app).
  • Crystals Guide (Free app with integrated purchase version).
  • Cure Crystals (Free app with paid items).
  • A Guide To Crystals (Free app).

Apps with App Store (on iOS) to recognize rocks

  • Rock Identifier (Paid app).
  • Gem identifier Stone Finder (Free app).
  • Crystalize (Free app with integrated purchase version).
  • Digger’s Map: Find minerals (Free app with paid options).
  • Minerals Center (Free app)